Get total control over your cash flow


Create recurring
cash credits

Add fixed amounts to your petty cash account on a recurring basis and keep a steady float with automatic cash credits

Request additional
petty cash

You can request for additional funds when the existing cash is insufficient or a major expense is expected

Define expense
limits and policies

Ensure that the maximum amount of petty cash that can be disbursed doesn’t exceed the set limit

Keep track of
your cash flow

Get complete details of the deposits and withdrawals from your petty cash accounts with the petty cash register to make reconciliation easy.

Stay on top of your petty cash flow

More power to your finance teams
Faster Approvals

With rule-based approvals, ensure that you maintain a steady float

Policy Compliance

Ensure strict adherence to spending guidelines and eliminate out-of-policy requests

Exhaustive Reports

Get detailed reports, key metrics, and actionable insights to make smart decisions

Cash Management has never
been this easy.