Manage employee benefits like a boss


Request general purpose loans

Employees can request a loan from their employers and the finance team can keep track of the lent money. The loaned is deducted from their salaries and it’s reflected in your accounting software.

Request salary advance

Employees can request a portion of their salaries in advance. The borrowed amount is deducted and the rest is paid on the payday.

Claim back your health expenses

Employees can submit their medical bills and attach receipts for the employer to reimburse their health expenses.

Request business cards

Employees can request business cards to the admin department. They can enter basic details, attach design samples, and more.

Run a more efficient finance and operations team

More power to your finance and operations team
Faster Approvals

Rule-based approvals ensure requests get addressed faster

Unified Data

Have all your payroll and employee data in one centralized database

Status Tracking

Easily track the status of your requests, right from your smartphone

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