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Top 6 Workflow Apps for Automating Your Business Process of 2023

Team Kissflow

Updated on 16 Apr 2024 3 min read

Why are so many running their workflow automation on Kissflow? Maybe it’s the ease. Maybe it’s the power. Maybe it’s the simplicity. Whatever your reason may be, experience the benefits of process management and workflow automation with our advanced software

How do workflow automation apps help businesses?

Workflow automation apps come with a host of benefits.

Some of them include: -

  • Improved efficiency

  • Better visibility

  • Integrations

  • Smarter delegation

  • A faster rate of output

  • Consistent quality of output

  • Better data efficiency

  • Smarter crossfunctional collaboration

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction

  • Improved promoter scores

Top 6 Workflow Apps in 2023

Here are the 6 best workflow apps used by businesses in 2023.

Workflow App 1:  Leave Processes

Bob needs a day off to attend his 5-year-old niece’s school play. He sends an email to his boss Sheila and copies it to his department head Sam, and Paul from HR. Sheila approves it. The next day, Bobby finds out that his niece will actually be performing next Thursday, not this one–so he sends his boss Sheila another email. Sheila approves this but doesn’t CC Sam and Paul.

Mark is videotaping his niece during her precious 20-second solo but is interrupted by a call from an angry Sam, who had planned a meeting on the Thursday of the actual play. Although the only mistake was a CC-ing faux pas, there’s a ton of confusion which will only be sorted by a ton of emails.

Workflow automation solutions can sort this out, automating the process and eliminating bottlenecks through a neat, transparent, notification-based system that ensures everyone is in the loop.

Workflow App 2: Purchase Requests

Another common workplace automation app in use today is for purchase requests. It’s easy to see how automation can help here–purchase requests usually need to pass two or three approvals before anyone can say ‘purchase order’.

Purchase Request Template

Apps on workflow management tools can be set up quickly. Kissflow’s app takes 2 minutes to set up, for instance. Goods can be acquired in a much more smooth, efficient manner.

Workflow App 3: Employee Onboarding

Ask any HR employee when their nightmare season arrives, and the answer will invariably be “the hiring phase”.


Employee onboarding isn’t rocket science. In very broad terms, this is the basic process that helps a new candidate become a fully productive member of the workforce. However, when multiple new employees enter the picture, things get complicated in a hurry.

Workflow App 4: Purchase Orders

Keeping track of multiple purchase orders that you sent out can be a little overwhelming, especially when your team is on the road. Several POs, each in a different stage and one different departments’ desks, isn’t the most efficient way to go about this.

Purchase Order Template

Which is why the purchase order workflow automation app is so popular on Kissflow. Consider SAPIN, a can manufacturing industry leader in the Middle East. When their 200+ employees started getting overwhelmed, they turned to Kissflow to create a workflow automation app for purchase orders.

The results show you why POs are a good candidate for workflow automation: SAPIN shortened the purchase order processing time by 75%. A good reason to go automated, if there ever was one!

Workflow App 5: Travel Request

When you use the traditional approach, getting a travel request approved will need you to email/call/message/meet your boss/department head/HR/branch head/regional manager/project manager, often a combination of these.

Travel Request Template

Instead, you can choose to run the travel request form through a workflow automation app developed on a platform like Kissflow. This will send automatically send the form to the right people at appropriate stages and get approvals done smoothly and efficiently, eliminating all risk of manual error in the cycle.

Just like many other workflow automation apps on Kissflow, the travel request app can also be created and implemented in as little as 2 minutes.

Workflow App 6: Travel Reimbursement

If getting a travel request approved is painfully tough, getting a travel reimbursement request through can be like pulling out teeth during a particularly violent earthquake!

Move on from the tried-and-tired routine of emails and spreadsheets, and (“No, please. No!”) paper trails. Use workflow automation techniques to take the load off your shoulders, and put it in the skillful hands of proven automation software solutions like Kissflow.

Workflow apps

Kissflow’s Workflow is a unified platform to manage your workflows. In addition to that, it also offers project management platform for managing your projects.  Kissflow has more than 50 processes including all six of these apps. You’ll find a number of apps that are close to your automation needs; customize these, or create your own on the simple visual platform. Trying it is free, and our all-inclusive pricing won’t hide any nasty surprises.

Start Automating Your Business Processes with Workflow Apps