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Kissflow goes global with 300 Google Apps customers from 64 countries signingup in 1 week and creating workflows!

Team Kissflow

Updated on 9 Mar 2024 1 min read

We had a terrific launch at Google IO and it was not without result!

Within the first week of the launch, 300 customers across 64 countries have signed up for Kissflow. Majority of them are from the US. But, companies across the world have signed up for Kissflow and are creating workflows successfully. Some of these companies have 1000s of users, and we are excited to have them on board. It proves the widespread need for a simpler workflow solution for Google Apps across the globe. You can read more on the signups from our official press release here:
300 Companies Across 64 Countries Signup for Kissflow in the First Week of its Launch

We thank the bloggers (TechCrunch, CloudStory &  onsoftwareandstuff, who gave some great reviews for Kissflow and gave us more visibility in the online community. Thousands of users thronged our website after TechCrunch featured us. We were also trending on TechCrunch (Enterprise topic) for a week. A special thanks to them!

A huge number of Gmail users have also registered for Kissflow Workflow and have shown interest in trying out the product. Unfortunately, Kissflow is Google Apps only product and we are not able accommodate Gmail users as of now. So, we have created a sandbox of such users & bloggers. Please write us at support@kissflow.com and we will be glad to have you onboard!