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7 Reasons to Get Into Cloud-Based Business Process Automation

Team Kissflow

Updated on 22 Mar 2024 2 min read

The rationale behind implementing business process automation in your organization was primarily to simplify and improve business workflows. And you benefited by saving loads of time and resources, only until your locally-hosted BPA tool started eating into your benefits. Were you better off without a business process automation solution? It wouldn’t have been the same story had you adopted a cloud-based business process automation solution.

Every BPA solution is expected to reduce the time and money spent on completing a business processes. Most locally-hosted business process automation tools require huge investments, installation time and continuous maintenance. Cloud-based business process automation platforms are mostly ready to use – all you need to do is sign-up, configure your processes and get going. There are a few differences between cloud-based business process automation and conventional business process automation.

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Cloud Business Process Automation:

1. Save on capital expenditure

When you adopt a cloud-based business automation solution, you don’t need additional capital to invest in software or equipment whose value will diminish and get outdated over time. You don’t spend on updating and upgrading any hardware or software. Dedicated staff to maintain your BPA system? No, you don’t need them.


Cloud business process automation provide much better service than legacy systems. You’ll find the web-based service is much more flexible and easy to modify and use. The limitless pool of resources, (storage, networking and computing) makes the operations of processes seamless and agile. A much more reliable solution than legacy BPA systems, and at a lower reasonable cost.

3. Enhanced information management

With a cloud-based business process automation, solution you can make sure that all the users of a particular class, across various locations, receive the same access to a common database of information and can update and modify information as per their user roles. Cloud business process automation connect all locations and provide real-time consolidated data management. 

4. Optimized process management

Using cloud services, teams can collaborate, develop and manage workflow processes without necessitating them to work from a single location. On-premise systems are not easily accessed remotely and don’t meet the needs of organizations with multiple locations. Cloud-based business process automation provide a perfect solution.

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5. More scalable and flexible

Business process automation cloud solutions are more efficient, cost-effective and agile than a premise-based solution. Cloud platforms enable you to scale with your business and while saving money, increasing efficiency, and preserving capital to grow your core business.

6. Stay focused on your core business

Using cloud business process automation solutions for business process automation would take the burden of managing the technology requirement and support off your shoulders – leaving you free to simply focus on and invest time in your core business.

7. Enhanced security through redundancy

We always prefer to have a Plan B to fall back on if a course of action fails. But when the data on your local storage is lost, Plan B is just not available to you. Virtual duplication of servers in the cloud allows immediate fail-over from one server to another, to ensure up-time, thereby keeping your process flow seamless throughout.