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How a BPA Platform Can Dramatically Streamline Your Organization’s Workload

Team Kissflow

Updated on 22 Mar 2024 2 min read

As the modern business environment becomes more advanced, it seems like there are a million tasks and processes that need to be completed just to get the simplest jobs done quickly and efficiently. For organizations who need quick results stemming from effective and streamlined processes, messy paperwork, manual workarounds, and complicated tracking systems just don’t cut it.

A business process automation (BPA) platform is a system that replaces repetitive manual processes with automatic ones. This allows users to automate their tasks and activities across a range of areas and integrate different business systems for ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

Features to Look for in a BPA Platform

Naturally, with the rise in popularity of business software systems over recent years, a wealth of business process automation platforms have sprung up on the market, each claiming to offer unrivaled benefits to users. But, before committing to a BPA platform provider, you need to make sure it fully meets your needs.

What you are looking for will inevitably vary depending on your business needs. However, as standard, it’s important to choose a BPA platform you can quickly and easily customize to match your existing business processes for maximum efficiency and ease of use. What’s more, if you use other systems, it will certainly benefit you to ensure your business process automation platform is compatible with them and allows you to integrate data and information across various types of software.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a BPA Platform

With this in mind, here are some key questions to ask potential providers of your business process automation platform:

  • What are the set-up, implementation, and ongoing costs associated with the software?
  • What level of customer/technical service and support is available to users and how accessible is it?
  • What reporting functionality does the BPA platform have and what type of analytics can I gain from it?
  • If using other business software, how compatible is this BPA platform with my other providers?
  • If my organization grows, will the BPA platform offer me solid capabilities and adapt to my changing needs?

Automate Your Processes in 15 Minutes With Kissflow’s BPA Platform

Kissflow Process offers a straightforward and innovative approach, with their BPA platform being accessible for so many organizations to achieve incredible efficiencies.

It couldn’t be simpler to get started. First, choose the apps that are most relevant and useful to your business from Kissflow’s range of 50+ options. The choices range from employee onboarding to expense reimbursement. Next, work with Kissflow’s intuitive software to customize existing data forms to perfectly match the information that your organization needs to gather. Then, use it to create and initiate simple workflows where you can set deadlines, permissions, and organization-specific steps in the process.

Finally, review real-time performance within your BPA platform apps to identify problems and blockages in the processes, and further down the line, analyze overall performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by running ad hoc or scheduled reports.

Why Pick Kissflow Process As Your Business Process Automation Platform?

With so many BPA platforms out there, what can Kissflow Process offer your business that puts it a step ahead of the rest? For one, it does a great job of balancing uniformity and customization, in that it offers users generic forms and template workflows as a starting point. It also allows as much personalization as is necessary to make sure the final workflows suit your business needs perfectly.

Plus, its advanced reporting capability means that, at the touch of a button, you can access high-level yet relevant, real-time data about the BPA platform apps in your business, allowing you to use this information to drive business performance.

Realize the Benefits a BPA Platform Can Bring to Your Organization

While change can feel daunting to some businesses, struggling with time-consuming and ineffective manual processes will only hold your organization back. However, investing in a high-quality business process automation platform can offer your organization tangible cost savings, more efficient processes with fewer errors, and advanced reporting functionalities.