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Problems Business Process Automation Can Solve

5 Problems Business Process Automation Can Solve

Team Kissflow Corporate Team

Updated on 21 Mar 2024 3 min read

In the arena of digital transformation, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have emerged as critical conductors, recognizing that in today's dynamic environment, operational excellence and efficiency are not mere goals but essential mandates.

Enter the game-changer: Business Process Automation (BPA). With its transformative prowess, BPA is redefining the contours of business operations. Its mission is straightforward yet ambitious: to mechanize manual processes, foster cost savings, augment transparency, boost efficiency, and ensure strict compliance with protocols. Essentially, BPA acts as a springboard for digital transformation, paving the way for organizations to streamline their processes while bolstering their competitive edge.

It is expected that about 69 percent of all managerial work will be completely automated by 2024.

This blog post sheds light on the multifaceted benefits of BPA, providing invaluable insights to aid technology leaders in navigating the ever-evolving landscape. It aims to equip them to leverage automation as a strategic weapon in their arsenal for achieving digital supremacy.

Here are the five common problems that business process automation can help solve:

1. Streamlining business processes across the organization

One of the biggest advantages of business process automation is that it can help consolidate all the processes within your company and transform them into one overarching solution.

Most businesses have a complex environment consisting of numerous disparate applications. As your organization grows in size and new technologies are adopted, the complexity increases as well.

With business process automation, you can use point to point integration to make all the applications work together seamlessly. Of course, the more processes you have, the more time you need to spend in integrating them together. With the right business process automation tool, you can automate the entire integration process–whether you have legacy systems, on-premise apps, or cloud-based solutions.

2. Finding and rectifying manual errors

With numerous applications and high volume of data, the room for manual human errors is also bigger. Human errors can be made while manually entering data or sharing files, and the cost of correcting these can be incredibly high for your business.

Business process automation can solve this problem by automating manual data entry tasks which in turn leads to higher productivity and no manual errors whatsoever.

First Philippine Holdings (FPH), a holdings company with interests in renewable energy, real estate, manufacturing, and more, faced challenges with manual approval workflows and tracking approval requests. The process was inefficient and increased their carbon footprint.

They turned to Kissflow for a solution. Joseph Arnel Chavez, Assistant Accounting Manager at FPH, chose Kissflow because of its ease of use, fair pricing, and familiarity among the senior management.

With Kissflow, FPH went paperless, reducing its carbon footprint and automating over 100 office processes, including accounts payable, billing, and admin requests. They were able to process over 1,000 paperless approvals monthly, dramatically improving their finance and accounts operations.

Kissflow's mobile app also allowed for timely approvals from senior leaders, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service. FPH plans to leverage Kissflow’s integrations and external portal features for further improvements.

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3. Time-consuming manual reporting

To make sure your enterprise is running smoothly and you are able to make informed business decisions, you need access to accurate reports that are extracted from a high volume of data.

Compiling data and manually creating reports is not only a tedious and time-consuming task, but it can also lead to errors.

By implementing business process automation in your organization, you can automatically create accurate reports that can be updated in real-time whenever the data associated with it is changed. Getting rid of manual reporting means your team will have more time to focus on critical business tasks.

4. Following necessary compliances

Depending on the type of industry your business is a part of, you are required to comply with some or the other kind of regulations. These compliances can often put a strain on IT resources.

Instead, you can streamline the processes involved in giving auditors information about your company through business process automation tools.

For instance, if your company is required to stay in line with the data security and protection regulations, then you can encrypt data at all levels of the company through automation.

At the same time, business automation also creates transparency and stops the blame game within the company as you can see exactly who approved what step of the process.

5. Waiting on approvals

Depending on how the documents are shared and saved in your company, teams may have to wait for approval from the higher-ups before they can start the work, which can often lead to delays. In case someone is on leave or out of the office, it can throw everyone else off schedule.

Kissflow is a low-code platform that uses Business Process Automation (BPA) to streamline approval processes, ensuring quick, efficient, and compliant workflows. It reduces operational costs and enhances transparency in business operations.

With all the data and files added to the workflow, the approvers can get direct notifications, check the relevant files, and approve or reject them right away, which can save time and keep your teams always on schedule.

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