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Make content planning and creation in a systematic and efficient way. Assign tasks, set due dates, review progress, and do much more with our simple content calendar template!
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When should I use the content calendar template?

Use the content calendar template to take care of all your content planning and reviewing needs.

This template will be useful in creating:

  • editorial calendars
  • social media calendars
  • branding campaign plans
  • paid campaign plans
  • outreach campaign plans
  • content marketing plans
  • content strategy calendars
  • marketing campaign schedules
  • video posting schedules
  • website content schedules

What should I look for in a content calendar?

Being systematic and organized is critical to any sort of content plan. Whether for blog posts, social media, or even YouTube videos, being consistent with your posting schedule is critical to creating an engaged, loyal following. A good content calendar will help you do just that.

A good content calendar should help you:

  • Manage all your blogs, video content, and social media posts in one place
  • Assign tasks to team members and set schedules and deadlines
  • Engage in real time with team members through contextual comments
  • Get an overview of all the tasks in progress with the Kanban view
  • Drill down to the specific content assets team members are working on with the matrix view
  • Generate custom reports to help take important decisions

If you work in a content team of any kind, your content calendar should help you stay in sync with team members without having to spend too much time tracking work progress.

Content Calendar Template
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How do I use the content calendar template within Kissflow Project?

Using Kissflow Project's content calendar template is as easy as clicking on the button below and signing into your Kissflow account.
Select content calendar template from within our wide offering of marketing templates.
Enter your action items, order them by priority, and create a custom plan to suit your specific needs.
Assign teammates to action items and stay aware of progress at every point.

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