A/B Test Planning Template

Confused between two equally attractive approaches? Why not let the end-users decide. The A/B test plan template can help you plan a perfect split test.
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Why should I perform an A/B test plan?

No matter what kind of business you have, you’ll b concerned with your lead conversion rates. A sustainable inflow of customers is the primary requirement for any business’s success. While developing or revamping your website, you might come across multiple conflicting approaches with similar potential. A/B testing allows you to evaluate their performance on the field.

Some noteworthy advantages of A/B testing before rolling out the final version are:

  • Identification of the customer’s preferences
  • Better conversion rates and ROI
  • Limited risks
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Decision making backed by data

What should I look for in an A/B test plan?

Any top-notch A/B test plan would have the following components:

  • Hypothesis: The actual problem you are trying to solve and its expected impact
  • Experimental details: Details of the experimental setup
  • Audience information: The characteristics of your sample. Is anyone able to view the different variants or is there a specific benchmark?
  • Success metric tracking: What constitutes success?
  • Results and future plan: Your plan should also include the next step based on the possible scenarios. What would you do if the results are inconclusive? Would you continue with the existing design or repeat the test? All these questions need to be answered.
A/B Test Planning Template
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How do I use the A/B test plan template within Kissflow Project?

Making an effective A/B test plan was never simpler. With Kissflow, you can create an A/B test planning in a matter of minutes. Here’s how:
Select the A/B testing template from among Kissflow Project’s Marketing Templates.
Populate all the fields, add new data, and make the template your own.
Your perfect A/B test plan is now ready. Nothing’s stopping you from testing the waters now!

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