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How to Choose the Best Purchase Order Software for Small Business?


SMBs usually already have limited resources and a lot of work to be done. Manually managing the purchase order process only adds more burden on team members and takes them away from their core responsibilities.

With purchase order software, you can automate the entire process, improve efficiency, and decrease the chances of any discrepancies which could occur due to manual entry.

While selecting the right purchase order software for small business can seem like an overwhelming task, it all comes down to what your business needs.

What are the core features PO software should have?

A purchase order (PO) is a document sent by the buyer to the seller, and it includes a summary of all the goods and services that the buyer plans to purchase from the seller.

It usually includes all the information an invoice contains, but it is sent before the goods or services are ordered. A purchase order helps set explicit and clear expectations and in turn, avoids any confusion that might arise later.

Creating a PO is only the start of the purchase order process, which includes several checkpoints and approvals to ensure timely PO processing. In most cases, a purchase order process includes:

  • Generating a PO based on purchase requisition documents
  • Getting approval for the PO after the budget and document verification
  • Sending PO’s to the vendors or suppliers after approval
  • Setting up a legally binding contract between the company and supplier
  • Receiving goods/ services from the supplier and making sure there are no issues or defects of any kind
  • Receiving the invoice from the supplier and matching it with the initial purchase request and purchase order
  • Closing the purchase order after making sure there are no discrepancies
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Here are some of the core features that a simple purchase order software for small business should have:

1. Automated workflows

You should be able to create customized automated workflows and tasks in order to create a seamless purchase order process. All the necessary approvals should be automatically sent to the relevant people and trigger the next step of the process.

2. Customizable forms

The purchase order forms for the automated workflow should be fully customizable so that you can modify the data fields and incorporate all the relevant data that you need to add to the purchase orders.

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3. Automated cross-checking

The purchase order management software should be able to automatically verify and match the data in the purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices to avoid any errors.

4. Role-based access

You should be able to restrict access to certain parts of the process order workflow based on the user’s role within the organization.

5. Real-time reporting

The PO management software should be able to offer visually rich reports and insights about how the PO process is being handled within the organization. The idea is to make it easy for you to spot any bottlenecks, delays, or inefficient parts of the process that could be improved.

Why Kissflow is the best purchase order software for small businesses?

Kissflow procurement cloud is a cloud procurement software that lets you manage the entire purchase order process right from purchase requisition to sending POs and clearing invoices.

With Kissflow procurement cloud, you can manage and digitize your entire procurement process, including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor management, and invoice approvals.

An automated and cloud-based purchase order management software like Kissflow procurement cloud can clear up all your confusing paper processes and make the entire purchase order approval workflow completely seamless and hassle-free.

Here are some of the many benefits using a simple purchase order management software like Kissflow procurement cloud for your small business:

Benefits of using purchase order software for small businesses

Reduced manual intervention

By digitizing and automating the purchase order process, you are able to eliminate manual intervention of your team, which can in turn save time and reduce errors that occur due to manual data entry.

Saved operational costs

By using cloud-based purchase order systems, you can speed up the entire process and save up to 45-65 percent in operational costs for your business.


You can ensure complete transparency through the entire purchase order process and make sure everything is on track by viewing the status of all the open POs.

Kissflow – A customizable and flexible procurement platform

With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, you can issue purchase orders and automate the approval of purchase requests. Since it is completely customizable, you can create workflows according to the specific requirements of your business.

Take a look at Kissflow as to how it can improve efficiency and save costs for your organization.

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