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A centralized platform for all
types of purchases

The challenge

Managing the unique evaluation and approval processes for different purchases like goods, software, and services
Our solution

Manage different purchases
in one place

Kissflow Procurement Cloud’s customizable processes and policies enable you to manage all types of purchases on a single platform. From technology that involves complex evaluation and approvals to office supplies that follow a less stringent process, Kissflow is built to help you manage it all


The challenge

Software purchases exposes you to third-party risk, leading to data leaks and security breaches
Our solution

So long, risk

Kissflow Procurement Cloud’s custom forms and workflows let you include technology-specific criteria like SOC, Data Security, and GDPR during the evaluation process and ensure the right stakeholders are involved during due diligence


The challenge

Collaborating with cross-functional teams to evaluate and approve software purchases
Our solution

Collaborate across

Streamline and speed up your software purchases by contextually collaborating with IT, Finance, and Legal teams in real-time for any queries and clarifications


More than just IT procurement


Supplier management

Easily onboard suppliers with all their information, catalogs, contracts, and certificates in one place


Technology procurement

Involve stakeholders who are IT experts in the approval process to ensure that software purchased is from reliable sources


Supplier due diligence

Easily define your due diligence criteria like financial stability, regulatory compliance, ethical practices, and more


Contextual collaboration

Enable relevant stakeholders to have clear and easy conversations about purchases through notes and comments


Centralized platform

Manage and view all types of purchases, from goods to software and services, on a centralized procurement platform


Custom approval workflows

Customize approval workflows and include the right stakeholders to validate and approve technology purchases

What customers love
about Kissflow Procurement Cloud

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Complete visibility

As a Procurement team, we wanted a smart P2P solution that gave our customers a rich experience in terms of visibility and user experience. KPC checked all those boxes for us!

Zakaria El Rhezaoui

Senior Director Procurement

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Fully flexible

Kissflow Procurement Cloud is incredibly flexible. It helped us create various workflows for several use-cases and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Jawed Neshat

Director of Finance and Operations

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Better efficiency

With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, we were able to automate 80% of tasks that we were doing manually before and it has significantly improved our efficiency.

Bernard Hasiholan

Head of Finance

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Top-notch service

Compared with all the other products we evaluated, the team at Kissflow Procurement Cloud is the most patient, knowledgable and they always found a way to make our requests happen.

Roy Reuter

Director Indirect Procurement

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