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Ensuring compliance and
security take the first seats

The challenge

Managing the complexities of different procurement categories, from real estate to software, in one place
Our solution

One platform for all categories

Kissflow Procurement Cloud provides a centralized platform to manage all your purchases, like goods, software, and services. Its customizable forms and workflows adapt to the unique processes and policies required to handle each procurement category

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The challenge

You have a vast supplier base. That’s great. But managing their varying complexities becomes more challenging as the number of suppliers increases
Our solution

Streamline supplier management

Efficiently manage the complexities of a big and diverse supplier base by enabling supplier self-service, contextual collaboration, and proactive supplier performance management

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The challenge

More than 40 percent of financial companies don’t perform thorough compliance and performance checks, exposing them to financial and business risks
Our solution

Mitigate third-party risk

Kissflow Procurement Cloud lets you easily conduct due diligence whenever new suppliers are onboarded and audit their performance in regular intervals to check if they are meeting contractual obligations

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Mitigate more than just risk


Supplier performance

Track your supplier’s performance over a period of time and offboard those that don't meet your contract terms


Reports and analytics

Custom analytics and reports help determine if suppliers are meeting your compliance standards


Custom contract approvals

Ensure the right stakeholders approve contracts and eliminate any gaps for discrepancies and risks


Supplier due diligence

Easily define your due diligence criteria, like financial stability, regulatory compliance, ethical practices, and more


Sourcing events

Smart sourcing tools let you collaborate with potential suppliers, compare quotes, and choose the best from the lot



Our platform’s open API capabilities ensure seamless integration with all your accounting and financial apps

What customers love
about Kissflow Procurement Cloud

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Complete visibility

As a Procurement team, we wanted a smart P2P solution that gave our customers a rich experience in terms of visibility and user experience. KPC checked all those boxes for us!

Zakaria El Rhezaoui

Senior Director Procurement

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Fully flexible

Kissflow Procurement Cloud is incredibly flexible. It helped us create various workflows for several use-cases and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Jawed Neshat

Director of Finance and Operations

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Better efficiency

With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, we were able to automate 80% of tasks that we were doing manually before and it has significantly improved our efficiency.

Bernard Hasiholan

Head of Finance

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Top-notch service

Compared with all the other products we evaluated, the team at Kissflow Procurement Cloud is the most patient, knowledgable and they always found a way to make our requests happen.

Roy Reuter

Director Indirect Procurement