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Enroll, engage, and evaluate vendors

Build better supplier relationships with a streamlined vendor management process

Easy vendor onboarding

Register vendors quickly and easily, use multilingual catalogs, and access vendor information instantly

Comprehensive vendor rating

Rate vendors using key performance metrics like policy compliance, delivery quality, timeliness, and more

Vendor self-service

Give vendors the ability to easily update their information, and get alerts on order and payment details

Take vendor management to a new level

360-degree view of all supplier-related data including performance and risk in a single platform
Quick vendor screening

Retrieve and verify supplier data like business reports, financial and
credit risk data

Real-time collaboration

Instantly confirm goods receipt notices (GRNs), goods return ship notices,
and more

All data in one place

Access all POs, PRs, contracts, and confidential vendor payment information, all in one place

Easy vendor enrolment

Collect key vendor information to screen them based on reputation, past performance, and more

Corrective actions

With sub-par supplier performance, initiate corrective action plans (SCAR) or offboard them

Rate contracts

Incorporate rate contracts; enforce contract pricing when catalog prices
are raised

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around the world

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