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Maintaining optimum inventory
levels will never be a problem again

The challenge

More than 90 percent of retail companies have trouble managing their suppliers, leading to poor supplier relationships
Our solution

Build reliable supplier

Cultivate stronger supplier relationships through dynamic and strategic collaboration. With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, you can communicate with suppliers in real-time, proactively address performance issues, and meticulously perform due diligence


The challenge

Seeing the "out of stock" sign is becoming common because of varying demands and low visibility into stock levels
Our solution

Manage demands

With features like Inventory reports and Auto-reordering, Kissflow Procurement Cloud ensures that optimum stock levels are maintained at all times to avoid any fulfillment delays. This helps track and optimize your stock levels across all locations


The challenge

With consumer preferences shifting towards sustainable products, retail companies are struggling to align their supplier partnerships with ESG goals
Our solution

Sustainable procurement
made easy

Include ESG-related questionnaires as part of your due diligence process to ensure you're only working with suppliers that align with your sustainability goals


Everything you need to up your retail
retail procurement game


Supplier portal

Suppliers can update their catalog and check the status of their invoices, avoiding all those back-and-forth emails and messages

Customer Onboarding


Easily onboard suppliers with all their information, catalogs, contracts, and certificates in one place

Supplier perfomance

Supplier performance

Track your supplier’s performance over a period of time and reward those that consistently meet or exceed expectations


Spend analytics

Analytics and reports of past purchase data help companies meet future demands by maintaining optimum stock levels



With growing demands, the auto re-ordering feature automatically triggers purchase requests when inventory levels fall below the set threshold


Track inventory

You can track real-time inventory availability by location and category to optimize stocks and reduce unnecessary inventory-related costs

What customers love
about Kissflow Procurement Cloud

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Complete visibility

As a Procurement team, we wanted a smart P2P solution that gave our customers a rich experience in terms of visibility and user experience. KPC checked all those boxes for us!

Zakaria El Rhezaoui

Senior Director Procurement

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Fully flexible

Kissflow Procurement Cloud is incredibly flexible. It helped us create various workflows for several use-cases and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Jawed Neshat

Director of Finance and Operations

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Better efficiency

With Kissflow Procurement Cloud, we were able to automate 80% of tasks that we were doing manually before and it has significantly improved our efficiency.

Bernard Hasiholan

Head of Finance

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Top-notch service

Compared with all the other products we evaluated, the team at Kissflow Procurement Cloud is the most patient, knowledgable and they always found a way to make our requests happen.

Roy Reuter

Director Indirect Procurement