Best No-Code Development Platforms That Are an Undeniable Value Add

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Top 5 Best No Code Platforms [New List of 2021]

There are a lot of No-code platforms are available in the market, But these 5 no-code development platforms stand out from their peers and provide the value you’re looking for

Kissflow No-Code Platform [ Get Started   ]

Kissflow is one of the best workflow automation software platforms on the market. It’s got a brilliantly simple yet powerful app editor, designed to help you create any app you want without needing to code, a WYSIWYG editor, visual interfaces to build applications, and easy data migration and synchronization capabilities.

best No-code platforms
It’s built on Google’s Cloud and designed to work with Google’s apps, such as Docs, Sheets, etc. You’re getting the reliability of Google’s cloud with the powerful apps Google themselves have built.

If you’re looking for workflow automation and business process management, Kissflow offers a comprehensive solution for all your automation requirements.

Kissflow offers multiple pricing options based on your business size and requirements.It comes with built-in collaboration and project management. Find the pricing plans here.


If you’re looking for a tool for no-code web application development, Nintex is one of the more established platforms on the market. It has a free trial to let you experience the complete package before you decide to buy.

With Nintex, you get a WYSIWYG editor, a visual interface, and great data security features. Pre-built templates for application development, workflows, and many other features.

Pricing starts at $625 a month for the standard edition, but you will need to get a specific quote to get an exact number. There is a user-specific model starting at $12 for a standard license and $18 for the enterprise license. You’ll need to do your homework beforehand to know which is suited for your organization.


Pega is another established leaders in the no-code software development market. They offer a lot of features similar to Nintex, such as the WYSIWYG Editor and a visual code editor.

In addition, Pega also offers a variety of data migration and security features considered to be the best in the market. But where Pega shines is in the ease of their data migration. If you are using other tools, Pega has powerful tools in place to help migrate all of your data quickly and seamlessly.

As for price, you will need to get a quote from Pega directly to know the exact price you will be paying.

Zoho Creator

What’s a no-code list without Creator?

Zoho’s tool has earned a reputation as one of the best on the market, and the reasons are clear–it has nearly everything you could want from a no-code development platform. Zoho Creator’s array of features is tweaked to cater to the end user, providing a development experience rivaled by few others.

Data security is a feature Creator prides itself on–it has extensive features for sharing and protecting your data, even within your own organization.

When it comes to pricing, Zoho Creator basic plans range from $10 to $35 per user.

Quick Base

Quick Base is a no-code platform designed to reduce the use of manual spreadsheets and data collection, through automation.

For development, this visual builder ranks among the best in the business, and ensures that your business users never need to turn to IT. For IT users, this platform enables easy monitoring so they can check up on all the apps created within the organization for auditing and validation.

With regards to pricing, the standard plan is $25 per user for 20 users. This increases to $40 for 40 or more users. You can also approach them for a customized quote, depending on your particular requirement.

Zero-code platforms allow for easier software development than ever before. It gives you more freedom to operate, and more importantly, more possibilities to tackle problems. Here’s how.

Why Should I Choose No-Code Development Platforms?

At first glance, no-code app development seems like a fancy term for a product you don’t really need. There is a case to be made from allowing your developers and business users to get their work done faster, but does that really add value to the company? Here is a list of other benefits that no-code development platforms bring to the table.

No-Code Development Tools Help IT Innovate

IT departments in every organization have one problem in common. They have too many requests for new tools or implementations, and there’s not enough time to complete them all.

No-code software development helps IT clear those backlogs quickly and efficiently. This provides IT with the freedom to work on more complex projects that need their active input. Best of all, business users get what they need from IT. Everyone’s a happy camper.

No-Code Web Application Development is More Secure

There’s a myth around no-code solutions that since it’s faster and easier to code, it’s less secure. But the reality is the exact opposite.

Andrew Leigh, the vice president of Jitterbit, says, “Custom code is the most brittle part of any IT architecture. Look at the last 12 major breaches in the news. Not one was against a cloud service; they were all against internally developed and coded systems.”

No-code development platforms are hosted on world-class cloud services like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. With such big names hosting these services, you can expect enterprise-grade security, regardless of the tools you choose to buy.

Eliminates Shadow IT

One of the biggest problems for IT is trying to prevent business users from utilizing unverified third party services and software for their business requirements. These services aren’t tested to comply with company security protocols, and hence can be unsafe. This could lead to potentially catastrophic data leaks or losses.

No-code apps are designed to reduce business dependency on shadow IT, which ultimately keeps confidential data secure.

Low-code not cutting it for you? Try No-code BPM. It just may be what you’re looking for.

When Choosing a No-code Development Platform?

Before you choose a no-code platform, there are a few questions you should ask to ensure that it is worth your organization’s time and money.

Does it Have a Free Trial?

Without a free trial, you’re buying a product without properly testing it beforehand. If a product you want doesn’t have a free trial, contact the vendor to see if they can arrange a trial or demo before you make the purchase.

How Much Training Does Your Staff Need?

A new product will mean additional training to get your staff up to speed. If it looks like the training is going to be extensive, then it makes sense to reconsider buying it. The more obvious and easy to use a product is, the easier time your staff will have using it.

Is It Scalable?

Can you add more users easily? Can you make apps that can scale to the needs of your organization? Are you forced to buy user bundles you don’t need?

These are questions you should be asking before you make a purchase. If a tool doesn’t answer these to your satisfaction, it’s probably best to find another product.

Can You Collaborate Inside the Platform?

There was a time when you wrote every single line of code for an application manually. That was in the past. Manually writing code is slow, complicated, and it’s not worth the investment you have to make.

But if manual coding is slow, there has to be a way to create an application without it. This is where no-code development comes in. As compelling as quick development is, no-code development platforms need more than that to earn a spot in an organization.

This is important, since it is important that your staff can collaborate on projects in real time without having to copy data from one physical location to another. This effect becomes even more pronounced when you have multiple offices spread across different locations.


No-code development platforms have become a mainstay in many organizations, across practically every industry. Look for the features you will actually use. If you find you’re paying for features you don’t really need, ask the vendor if they can reduce the pricing in exchange for removing that feature.

Kissflow is a no-code development platform designed for workflow automation and business process management. If you’re looking for a product to clear the clutter in your inbox or give your office printer a rest, get a free trial from Kissflow and try it yourself.

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