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Low-Code Case Studies - How Companies Harnessed The Power of Kissflow

Team Kissflow

Updated on 8 Apr 2024 1 min read

Discover how companies are using Kissflow’s low-code work platform to transform the way they work.

What is low-code?

The low-code approach is an app development methodology that helps organizations build and deploy complex business applications without relying too heavily on their team’s coding expertise. Low-code technology enables increased flexibility and goes a long way in helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals. 

5 Key Benefits of Using Kissflow LCNC Work Platform

Custom apps

Build custom business applications and streamline operations across departments and functions. 

Business context

Build smarter apps by keeping business users involved in the development and deployment phase. 

Better control

Define roles and responsibilities within each step and enable better collaboration, control, and transparency.

Shorter development

Leverage a solution that not only controls operational costs but significantly reduces development cycles. 

Unburden IT

Reduce the burden on the IT team and allow them to focus on more complex, business-critical tasks.

5 times companies excelled with Kissflow low-code

Organizations across the world are using Kissflow to transform the way they work. Here are five low-code platform success stories that show why Kissflow is the perfect solution for organizations across industries.


Jardines needed a solution that would let them create custom apps to accommodate specific business needs. With Kissflow’s low-code platform, Jardines was able to create sophisticated forms, automate processes across departments, and build smarter solutions.

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Caratlane faced severe challenges in operations, communications, and customer service. and they needed a solution they could use immediately. With Kissflow, they created custom business apps that streamlined key processes and improved efficiency.

SoftBank Telecom

SoftBank Telecom needed an immediate solution that streamlined their operations. Kissflow’s user-friendly solution was able to help SoftBank create more organized and inclusive workflows while enabling them to build custom apps for specific problems.

Lincoln Financial

Lincoln Financial used paper-based business processes. Given how inefficient this was, they were looking for a way to build custom solutions. With Kissflow, Lincoln Financial was able to transition from a paper-based approach to fully automated system.

GHB Farms

GHB used to run paper-based processes to monitor processes and gain approvalsThe company wanted to find a simple solution that would enable more efficient management. Using Kissflow, GHB was able to simplify automation and access them from anywhere.

How Kissflow work platform transforms your business

Enjoy a robust, feature-rich low-code platform that allows you to harness the flexibility of low-code while enabling faster, more efficient results.

  • Custom app development
  • Efficient automation
  • Speed up deployment
  • Better business context
  • Sharper collaboration
  • Unburdened IT teams
  • Smart access control
  • Robust security and compliance