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The 4 Kinds of People Who Refuse to Use a Workflow Template


For most people, a workflow template is a head start. It’s a sequence of tasks and a pre-made form that is built for the most common business situations.

There is a workflow template for financial processes, procurement processes, HR processes, IT processes, and any other department you can think of. Good workflow templates aren’t hardwired. They give you the flexibility to change things. For example, if you are from the procurement department, Kissflow offers a purchase order template for every account, and you can delete, change, or add any task to the flow and any field to the form. Similarly, Kissflow offers 200+ workflow templates across various departments.

Project Workflow Template

Streamline Your Workflow Process With Kissflow

However, there are some people who refuse to use a workflow template. They are those who won’t accept a pre-packaged offering for efficiency, but would rather explore more on their own.

Let’s take a closer look at the four kinds.

1. Those Who Want to Disrupt Everything

No matter how hard you try to convince these people, they believe they are the first company in the world to create a real purchase order process. Whether it is the nature of their industry or their business strategy, they really think that everything needs to be questioned and rebuilt from scratch.

Leave approvals? Travel Reimbursements? Sales Orders? Invoice Approval? Don’t accept the process given to you! Innovate!

While there are surely a few ways you can customize your company purchase request process, it’s pretty unlikely that you are going to come up with a brand new way to improve on processes that have existed for dozens of years, unless you use a powerful purchase requisition software.

But if you do, make sure to let us know!

2. Those Who Must Have Control Over Everything

This is the kind of person who wouldn’t trust their mother to make their lunch. They won’t let anyone give them directions while driving and will fuss over the font in a spreadsheet.

This person won’t accept a workflow template because the person who made the template was probably flawed and might have overlooked something. Therefore, it’s better to start with your own templates so that you have personally coded every corner of every process.

More power to you.

3. Those Who Love Their DIY

These are the people who geek out over making things from scratch. They churn their own butter, build their own bicycles, and won’t come within 20 miles of an IKEA. It’s not so much a control issue as it is just a love for watching something emerge from nothing.

For the DIY-er, there’s nothing wrong with a workflow template, except for the fact that they didn’t make it and will be so much happier and take more ownership in a process they built from scratch.

If that’s your style, we’ve got an app for that.

4. Those Who Need to Make Their Own Mistakes

Finally, there are the people who don’t want to learn from someone else’s stories and experiences but need to get out there and try things on their own. For this person, they greatly value what they might learn from a failed workflow execution so much that they’d rather build their own flawed workflow than use a workflow template.

While we don’t endorse this usage, there’s nothing stopping you.

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For Everyone Else

…you can use a workflow template. Of course, even with 200+ workflow templates, there will still be processes that are unique to your team or organization. These, you can build from scratch. But taking advantage of a workflow template is a great way to get a head start and learn what you need to know about how to build workflows and forms that make your business run smoothly.

Whether you want to make them from scratch or build on the wisdom of others, don’t settle for bad workflow templates. Create designs that are meaningful to you and get your work flowing again. Get started with Kissflow Workflow today and create workflows that are as diverse as your thinking and as creative as your imagination.