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3 Ways to Tell Better Stories to Get your Hotel Buzzing with Guests

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You’ve always wanted to open a hotel that treats guests like old friends; a cozy, comfortable place where travellers from all over the world can immediately feel at home. And now you’ve done it – the carpets are washed, the sheets are fresh, and the doors to your dream hotel are finally open. But where are the customers?

With a slew of hotel chains and industry disruptors like Airbnb operating in almost every major city, the hospitality space has never been more competitive. Despite your best intentions, without an ace marketing strategy to tell your story to the world, travellers won’t have a compelling reason to choose your hotel over other endless options.

With effective hotel marketing, you can gain the exposure it needs. But you don’t need to hire an expensive agency to tell a better story. Simply streamlining your own marketing processes can add an incredible amount of value. Just imagine the ways you could be reaching the perfect audience.

1. Empower your employees to pitch campaign ideas

Through his numerous interactions with guests checking in and out, your receptionist has devised an excellent offer to convert first-time visitors into loyalists. Having taken several food and drink orders in the dining hall, your head waiter knows what special dinner deals will most entice customers. But what if these ideas never see the light of day because it’s too hard to navigate the management hierarchy for approval?

Empower your employees to feel as invested in the hotel as you are, and encourage them to pitch ideas through the Kissflow app to bring more customers in. They’ll be thrilled that their input is valued, and you can refocus your time refining ideas rather than coming up with campaigns all on your own.

2. Integrate campaigns across functions

Generating ideas to raise the visibility of your hotel is a great first step. But if there aren’t clear channels of communication between employees in various teams, it will be extremely hard to execute these plans. With Kissflow, you can strike down these concerns and get a campaign moving quickly.

Let’s say you want to come out with a marketing campaign during Mardi Gras. Just send out approval requests to your various team leaders through the Kissflow app. Before you know it, there’s a festive spirit in your hotel; your receptionist has a masquerade mask on, green and purple balloons are ready for kids, and the kitchen has a mouth-watering New Orleans-themed menu.

3. Encourage guests to share their experiences

When customers receive great service in a hotel, they are more than happy to make word-of-mouth recommendations, but you need to capture their thoughts while they are fresh. Writing a few thoughts on a feedback card doesn’t usually translate to great marketing.

Instead, you can ask guests to fill in some answers on a mobile device as they are checking out, or offer a web-hosted form to fill out when they have the time. This can initiate a workflow where you can approve the best quotes to use on your social media channels.

The way you market yourself will help distinguish you amongst the slew of options available to travelers. By effectively sharing the stories of your guests, you can identify with new guests and create a web of satisfied customers. Automating your marketing workflows in the hospitality industry is one way to make the whole process easier and spend more time creating new stories!

Capture the hearts of your future guests using Kissflow. Sign up for Kissflow Process Management today to put your hotel on the map!