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How Fast is Your Hospital Responding to the 85% of Customers Looking for You Online?

Why Hospital Workflow Management Tool?

Managing a marketing department can feel like battling the Hydra with its multiple regenerating heads. Every time you complete an activity, two more pop up. Staying on top of concurrent marketing operations is a crucial requirement for every marketing manager, and even more so for those in the healthcare industry.

According to research conducted by Pulse Digital Marketing, 85% of customers use the internet to find healthcare products or services. One-third of patients reported using their tablets or mobile devices to research healthcare-related information or to book appointments. Social media influences 41% of patients choosing a healthcare provider. These statistics demonstrate the burgeoning need for healthcare organizations to sharpen their marketing in order to keep up with audience expectations.

Organizations often turn to marketing automation as a solution for their requirements. While these tools give you an overall view of how well your strategy is executed, day-to-day marketing tasks can be managed efficiently with workflow automation.

Hospital Workflow Management

Here are some instances where workflow automation can enhance marketing operations:

1. Content Creation

Marketing programs run on effective content, and consumers expect it to be highly authoritative when it comes from your hospital. Your content might serve to raise awareness, convince prospects or follow-up with customers. An efficient automated workflow might initiate with an idea from the marketing manager and then flow to editors, writers, proofreaders, and social media experts. No more delayed posts and old content sitting in someone’s email.

2. Campaign Approval Management

Many marketing campaigns follow a similar path when it comes to getting the right approvals. The same eyes need to see it every time before it goes to the public. When you create an automated workflow, the approvers can check copy and artwork on the go with their mobile app and get your campaigns moving faster than ever.

3. Event Management

Events are an integral part of marketing for hospitals. They provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to interact with their audiences and convey crucial messaging. Each event requires thorough planning down to the last detail in order to make the required impact. During the planning phase of an event, a workflow automation tool can work wonders in keeping track of responsibilities and progress of overall execution.

4. Identify Bottlenecks

A typical marketing team has extremely varied roles, and it is nearly impossible to judge each one on the same criteria. However, using the Reports feature of an automated workflow, you can see where the bottlenecks typically come and find ways to either add team members or create better processes to avoid them.

In today’s healthcare marketing, you cannot be efficient enough. Your success is dependent on producing and distributing great content, campaigns and events at a moment’s notice. You don’t have the luxury any more to wait around while your proposals sit on someone’s desk and your articles are stuck with a slow copywriter. Take advantage of workflow automation and keep up with the pace of your audience!

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