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Re-Personalize the Hospital Customer Experience with Automation

Team Kissflow

Updated on 18 Apr 2024 2 min read

In the world of healthcare, customers want the advantages of a large hospital as well as the personalized service of a neighborhood clinic. Large healthcare systems find it nearly impossible to deliver this kind of personalization in the face of the massive volume of patients they have to deal with. However, hospital customer service has become more important than ever. Patients can now voice their displeasure through HCAHPS surveys that will in turn affect a hospital’s Medicare payments and credibility.

Hospitals rely on technology, such as voice-automated systems, to scale up and meet the demands of a growing population. The downside is that customers find it impersonal when communicating with a robotic voice about their medical bills and services. Fortunately, technology doesn’t have to be the problem. In fact, when used to optimize the right processes, technology can be the solution.

By automating your support workflows, you can refocus your time and money on customer care in hospitals by making the service feel personal again.

1. Follow-up with patients post-treatment

The doctors have done a great job treating the patient, and she’s back home recovering. Show patients that out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. With Kissflow Workflow, you can create a workflow to combine automated emails, phone calls, surveys, and even personal notes to check in on patients.

2. Optimally respond to tickets

Not all issues require the same level of personalized care, so you can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service. Basic ticket tracking is great, but you can also create a workflow to make sure sensitive and high priority issues get the attention of management quickly using the Kissflow mobile app.

3. Empower support employees to suggest improvements

It’s likely that the people who interact with frustrated patients dealing with similar issues are the ones who have the best ideas for fixing those frustrations. Empower your support employees to pitch suggestions directly to administrators. Create an automated workflow where hospital customer care reps can initiate an idea that goes through a quick set of approvals before it gets implemented.

4. Fast-track price adjustments

Due to complex insurance policies and the number of reviewers involved, it can be a pain to deal with any price adjustments. Don’t make it worse by relying on manual processes and lengthy email chains to fix the issue. Set up an automated workflow to handle the problem with ease.

There’s nothing better than a hospital that has the staff to treat the most complex diseases while also providing the personalized patient care of a small clinic. With Kissflow, you can take hospital customer service to the next level by making patients feel comfortable and secure at all times.

When you put the patient’s experience above all else, it will generate a terrific reputation for your hospital. Take a 30-day test drive today of Kissflow Process and see how easy it is.!