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How E-Commerce Websites Are Improving Their Workflow Implementation

Team Kissflow

Updated on 17 Apr 2024 2 min read

It’s no secret that the e-commerce business is exploding by the day. The number of websites that are vying to get a share of the profit pie is increasingly fast, and all of them are bidding stiff competition. But there’s a problem when you’re scaling up and you need to improve your existing workflows to make the transition easier.

To keep processes like vendor helpdesk and PO invoicing running smoothly, our customers trust in Kissflow to make sure that they’re always prepared for whatever their vendors need from them.

If you’re on a cloud-based workflow management software, this becomes slightly easier. Here are a few e-commerce processes that you can improve without having to break your head over it.

Improve Vendor Handling With Vendor Helpdesk

You’ll already have a portal or service set up to ensure that all of your vendors have their queries resolved. With the vendor helpdesk app from Kissflow, you can handle any vendor queries that arise promptly and efficiently. You can handle purchase requests, send out purchase orders, and even finance-related queries, all from the app.

This way, you aren’t looking through other resources and trying to find details that you can already have on hand.

Processing and handling discounts during times of sales is another part of vendor communications that you need to do promptly, especially since they’re all time-sensitive and need to be done as quickly as possible. With the Vendor Helpdesk app, you can have these done on time to handle all discount-related queries so that you can have products stocked as quickly as possible.

Invoice Vendors Automatically

With proper workflow automation, you can invoice vendors automatically, without needing human intervention.

Invoicing vendors can be a tedious task if done manually, since there are a plethora of calculations that you’ll need to do to make sure that everything is in order. Kissflow’s Vendor Invoicing app takes care of all the calculations automatically, ensuring that invoices are not only sent automatically, but also on time.

Generate Purchase Orders Automatically

Creating purchase orders manually can be taxing, since you’ll need to take into account a complete list of all the items that you’ll need from a particular vendor. Sometimes, this can be one or two different items, other times it can be dozens.

Using the Purchase Order app, you can automatically generate purchase orders once they reach a certain threshold where you need new stock. This way, you’re doing none of the heavy lifting and ensuring that your stocks are always available for customers to purchase.


Automating all of this can make your life much easier, ensuring that you’re more focused on finding new products and vendors to add onto your website.

Apps like these are what make cloud-based workflow management software a lot easier to work with when compared to traditional BPM software. By automating all of these tasks, you’re freeing up a lot of your time, as opposed to spending time doing this manually, and risking human errors in calculation as well.

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