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Eliminate Administrative Chaos & Race Ahead of the e-Commerce Competition

Team Kissflow

Updated on 9 Mar 2024 2 min read

In the high-stakes world of e-commerce, you must be quick and decisive to stay ahead of the competition. But if your day-to-day is filled with putting out administrative fires, your company is always going to be behind the eight ball.

Admin tasks like organizing meetings and keeping records are rarely glorified, but efficiency in administrative functions lets you excel in all other departments. If you allow bottlenecks to develop, you’re looking at a slow but sure decline as your competitors adopt automation to get ahead.

Administrative efficiency lays the foundation for you and your employees to make important decisions with clarity. E-commerce automation processes might be the key you need to get your head out of the daily grind and back to revolutionizing your industry.

1. Go from ideas to implementation immediately

All work and no play will burn out your employees. A quick ping-pong game in the middle of the day or a nice walking track around the building will help spur on more collaboration and creativity. Getting away from the computer for a burst of physical activity will do wonders to morale. However, good ideas like these can get stuck for weeks under a pile of service requests if you aren’t careful. With an automated workflow, these insights can be up and running in no time. With the click of a button, management can approve the purchase and have a table or track set up in a few days.

2. Handle visitor entry requests with ease

You don’t want anyone and everyone walking in and out of your office. On the other hand, your management team shouldn’t be asked to approve every visitor entry request either. Set up an automated workflow where basic entry requests like a printer repair worker can be approved by one person, while requests like a competitor wanting to come in to discuss a strategic partnership go up the chain for approval. Kissflow even lets you export visitor data when required.

3. Speed up vendor approvals

At your brand new office, someone spills their lunch on the carpet. However, you haven’t had time to get a housekeeping vendor and you are stuck with an ugly stain. Fast-track your vendor approvals with an automated workflow that can be completed and documented in a little as an hour.

4. Create your own internal travel agency

Travelling salespeople don’t have it easy. They are constantly moving from city to city and working hard to negotiate deals with customers. Don’t make their lives harder by asking them to go through slow and painful processes to get their travel and stay approved. Simply set up an automated workflow so that they can focus on work knowing that their flight tickets, airport drops and pickups, and hotel bookings will be seamlessly taken care of for them.

For every Amazon and eBay that makes it big, there are hundreds of e-commerce sites that start brightly only to flicker and go bust. Ensure that you beat the odds and join the ranks of e-commerce giants by eliminating administrative chaos in your company.

Try Kissflow Process for free and see your e-commerce business race ahead of competition in no time!