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Automate Your Workflow With Google Apps Script Integration

Team Kissflow

Updated on 18 Apr 2024 2 min read

Developers and power users can now use Google Apps Script to push workflow tasks and data collected in workflows to their existing ERP systems and cloud applications.

OrangeScape today announced it has added integration capability to Kissflow™, the most installed workflow creator app on the Google Apps marketplace™. Kissflow now synchronizes workflow tasks and form data collected in workflows to Google spreadsheets, automating your workflow with Apps script integration. Developers can use Google Apps Script in Google spreadsheets to integrate with their on-premise and cloud applications.

“Building workflows on Kissflow is extremely simple. You don’t need even a line of code to get your workflows running on Kissflow. But, when it comes to integration, we have to be realistically simple. That’s why we chose Google Apps Script.” said Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of OrangeScape. “Google Apps Script provides the right mix of simplicity and flexibility that is needed for integrating applications. With this feature, powers users and IT teams who are familiar with Excel macros and Google Apps Script can do integration easily.”

This integration capability opens up new possibilities and use cases for workflows in Kissflow. The Captain’s Armband Ltd, a premier sports memorabilia retailer in UK is one of the first companies to use Google Apps Script in the trusted tester program of Kissflow. They use Google workflows with their e-commerce system.

Kissflow Workflow is by far the easiest Workflow/Business Process Management tool that I have used. Coupled with the fact that it is designed as an integral part of the Google App Engine space, Kissflow allows us to fully harness and extend our capabilities on Google’s cloud based infrastructure.” said Robert France, Director of IT, The Captain’s Armband Ltd (UK). “The core workflow features are extended with data export functionality. This allows our business workflows that have been completed and approved to be instantly available within Google spreadsheets. This feature alone, allows process owners to design complex forms (using Excel like functions) containing approval structures and then work directly with the data that has been collected in the familiar environment of Google spreadsheets. This then allows further processing of the data by using Google Apps Script, where the data manipulation/visualization possibilities are endless.”


Kissflow offers a pricing plan for businesses of all sizes and requirements. Learn more here.

About OrangeScape

OrangeScape is a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) company. Its PaaS solution enables the creation of cloud-based, SaaS or on-premise business applications. OrangeScape-based applications have been developed across nearly 100 application categories. OrangeScape also offers Kissflow, the first workflow builder app specifically for Google Apps™. With Kissflow, businesses can easily create HR and business approval workflow processes in a few simple steps. OrangeScape has secured $1M in an angel bridge round of venture funding. The lead investor is former CEO of Yahoo® India, Sharad Sharma. Other investors include Pramod Bhasin (former chairman, NASSCOM® and CEO of Genpact®); Linda Bernardi (CEO StraTerra Partners); Venkat Raju; and Raman Roy (CEO of Quattro Global Services). The company maintains offices in Mountain View, Calif. and Chennai, India. 

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