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Get Workflow Reports in Google Spreadsheets


There’s one question that has been asked very frequently — Where’s the data stored and how can I see the workflow data? Kissflow uses Google Cloud SQL for storage and runs on Google App Engine. Each business that signs up for Kissflow gets a separate database. Kissflow provides the users with a set of pre-built reports that can be used to view, analyse and gather insights about the data, which could be expense details, invoice details, purchase order details, sales order details etc. Now you get your workflow reports in Google spreadsheets. In addition to this, the data is automatically written to a Google Spreadsheet whenever the workflow request is completed. It must be noted that integration with Google Spreadsheets is available only in the Business edition. We have made some great enhancements to the reports feature based on the feedback from our users. Here’s the list of the enhancements:

  1. Reports permissions: By default, Initiators and participants will be able to view all their workflow requests data in reports, while the creators will have the ability to view ALL workflow requests data in reports. In addition, creators can share the reports with users who are not part of the workflow.
  2. List reports: Prior to this release, only the first ten mandatory fields in the form would be displayed in the list report. Now, users have the ability to select the columns that they want to see in the list report. Additionally, users can also rearrange the column order and sort the data in the preferred order.
  3. Report aggregates: Kissflow automatically calculates the aggregates such as sum, min, max and average for Number fields and min, max for Date fields, and makes it available in the list reports. Users can choose the required measure from the dropdown list.
  4. Export data: Users can export data from the list report to Google Spreadsheets whenever required. While filters can be applied in the list report to view data selectively, exporting the data to spreadsheets will allows users to use pivot table to create cross tabulations and summarize data.

Export data option will be available only in Kissflow Workflow Business edition.