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Create Raving Fans for your E-commerce Site with Automated Support Workflows

Team Kissflow

Updated on 18 Apr 2024 2 min read

Every customer is one bad experience away from never buying from you again. And they are one horrible experience from telling all their friends about it too.

Your website may have lightning-fast load times and it might tell an incredible story, but none of that matters if you fail to deliver on your promise to the customer. No one expects your business to be mistake-free, but when those mistakes do occur, customer support needs to be quick and effective.

E-commerce giants like Amazon and Zappos have set the standard for treating customers with excellent customer support. Gone are the days when e-commerce customer support could get away with a below-par experience with customers strung along for days before their issues are resolved.

A great customer service experience is a chance to create an amazing level of loyalty. People remember when they are treated well and, if you can give every customer the same amazing experience, you will stand out in a competitive marketplace.

A strategic approach to customer service in e-commerce is multi-pronged, but investing in customer support automation can be an essential key step towards making your customer support team as efficient and amazing as possible.

1. Approve refunds quickly

A refund claim is no one’s idea of fun. It may involve many rounds of fact-checking and approvals before it can be closed. Trying to do this over email creates confusion and chaos. Even worse, imagine the enormous backlog of claims your team will face as your e-commerce business scales! A customized and automated workflow is a lifesaver. It can be as simple as the customer filling out a form, your support employee reviewing the information and then a one-click approval to start the refund process.

2. Reward customers for their patience

Some customer issues are complex and, despite your team’s efficiency, it may take a while to reach resolution. Customers, however, are not privy to what goes on behind the scenes and you can’t expect them to react kindly to what they see as delays. Enable your support team to use their discretion and request approval for special customer rewards. The issue resolution may have been late, but a card in the mail with a nice gift voucher can prove to your customers how much their business means to you.

3. Collect ideas to better support customers

A great customer support story, like the time Sainsbury’s listened to a three-year-old girl and changed the name of their bread, not only warms the heart but also strengthens the bond between the customer and the business. You can delight customers by empowering your support team to pitch ideas based on their direct interactions with customers. All they need to do is send their ideas through the Kissflow app and your managers can pick from a number of ways to take customer experience to the next level.

There are many e-commerce options for customers these days, and many social media avenues for them to express their displeasure. You can’t afford to let issues snowball and take down your business. Enhancing your customer support process with workflow automation is a great way to be on top of your game. It ensures that customers don’t see your e-commerce business as just another place to buy a thing or two, but rather a friend who understands them.

With Kissflow Workflow, you can help make sure that the customer is always right. So, don’t wait. Sign up for a free trial today, and see how your e-commerce site can become the number one customer choice!