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Don’t Lose Another B2B Customer Because of Bad Support

Team Kissflow

Updated on 18 Apr 2024 2 min read

The difference between success and failure in the B2B industry can be a single customer. Keeping your existing customers happy is crucial – if you are like most B2Bs, you get approximately 80% of your revenue from 20% of your customers. That’s why customer and account support has to be a top priority for any B2B company. You can’t afford for anything to fall through the cracks.

When businesses sign big contracts, they expect the world when it comes to service and customer relationships. A fantastic support relationship is not only going to give you peace of mind for the future of your business, but it will also give you direction as you adjust your products and services to better suit your key clients.

With increasing competition on every angle, you can’t afford to leave B2B customer support in the hands of a new employee who doesn’t know the way things are done. To make sure each customer gets the royal treatment, consider creating some automated workflows for B2B customer support.

Here are three ways you can make a system that handles issues as well as a dedicated account manager.

1. Keep key people in the loop for customer complaints

When one business provides most of the revenue for a B2B company, you don’t want to find out a week later that they’ve been going through rounds of tickets that keep getting closed without any follow-ups. With Kissflow, you can create conditional workflows that automatically add key management if a ticket comes in from a particular company. That way, everyone can stay informed and up to date. After all, you really don’t want to find out about a recent gaffe while out to dinner with the client.

2. Don’t sit on refund claims

Your refund policy states that, if a customer isn’t satisfied with a product, you’ll return their money, no questions asked. But if you require an unsatisfied customer to go through multiple hoops to process a refund claim – long email chains, a number of phone calls to various managers, and more – you can say goodbye to their business for good. Automate your workflows so that you can impress an unsatisfied customer with your speedy refunds, and work harder to delight them with the next product.

3. Share regular follow-ups for key clients

Let’s say you have a brilliant account manager who knows all the right people at your biggest client’s office. In her calendar, she has their birthdays marked and never misses a special holiday treat. But, when she has a sudden accident and is out of the office for a month, who will take over this important work? Instead of keeping all of these reminders in personal calendars, create an automated workflow that reminds each account manager when it is time to order that fruit basket or bouquet. In Kissflow, if the regular assignee is on vacation or on leave, she can delegate all of her tasks to someone else until she returns so that no one misses a beat.

B2B companies know the importance of keeping their best clients happy. Yet, most of them are dependent on a few individuals doing a great job. As your company grows, you need to prepare to offer great service systematically, not just when it is convenient. Automating B2B customer support workflows is essential to keeping your company in the black, and to convince potential clients that you run a customer-first business.

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