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Use Automation to Keep Your Restaurant Customers Smiling

Team Kissflow

Updated on 11 Mar 2024 2 min read

Social media has made everyone a food critic. From fine dining to food trucks, everything gets rated. It’s hard enough to run a restaurant these days without having to monitor every new website for any complaints.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), full service restaurants in America have a score of 82 in customer satisfaction on a 100-point scale (as opposed to cable TV providers who come in at 63). Standards are high in the restaurant business and great food isn’t enough to keep your customers coming back for more.

When the stakes are this high and you need to meet your customer’s expectations or risk losing their business, you need a system that guarantees that nothing gets lost in the cracks. Here are a few concrete ways that restaurant customer support automation can help your restaurant consistently delight customers.

1. Make the Customer Experience Stand Out

Many restaurants host reservation forms online, but yours can stand out. Your form may include some fields that allow people to notify you if they’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, or if they have special dietary restrictions. Are there special assistance requests such as high-chairs or wheelchairs? Imagine telling the hostess your name and finding a table not only with the right place settings, but also with a specialty menu for your vegan friend or the full birthday treatment for your sister without needing to call the waitress aside.

2. Let Customers Make Improvements

Listening to customer feedback is the easiest way to know what your customers expect. Set a process where the feedback goes directly to management who can pass it out to different teams with actionable steps. Watch as your customers start bragging to their friends about all the changes they suggested at your restaurant.

3. Respond to Important Customer’s Opinions while they’re Hot

You want to deal with all of your customer’s complaints quickly, but some people might be even more important. With Kissflow, you can create conditional channels where regular patrons’ or VIP comments can get fasttracked to management. Responding quickly to Stan and Margaret, the old couple who show up twice a week and always bring friends and family, can make a huge difference.

4. Always Keep Happiness in Stock

As soon as you have to tell a customer you don’t have a particular item, they start to doubt your ability to keep them happy. Use workflow automation to make sure your supply chains stay fresh and stocked.

In a world where customers demand a great experience, restaurants have a hard time just keeping up with the competition. Use restaurant customer service automation to blow past them and demonstrate to your customers that you are there to keep that smile on their face.

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