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7 Challenges Only An Electronic Case Management Solution Can Help You Solve

Team Kissflow

Updated on 8 Apr 2024 4 min read

Before the introduction of the electronic case management software, business owners struggled to manage their unstructured workflows—those processes that required an open-ended approach to resolution. Additionally, they struggled to document steps and collaborate efficiently on matters that involved such requests. Numerous setbacks characterized this system, from the loss of information to a slow decision-making process.

Managing cases manually comes with a lot of limitations and drawbacks. For many organizations, there is a pressing need to automate the repetitive and routine tasks that case managers have to handle. This is where a cloud-based electronic case management system came into use.

What is Electronic Case Management?

Electronic case management is a cloud-based system that provides a centralized interface for managing cases along with tools and features that eliminates the difficulties of often encountered in sorting files, documenting events and generating reports-resulting,

Technology has made case management easy; it provides automation and operations support for case workers managing various incidents and all the unpredictability that comes with them. For example, a cloud-based case management software has the capabilities to capture all the necessary information related to a case and also automates vital aspects of the case resolution as the case unravels. This gives users greater control and promotes efficiency across board. An electronic case management solution can be particularly useful in businesses like pharmaceutical, food and beverages, transportation service companies etc.

List of Challenges Only An Electronic Case Management Can Help You Solve

Businesses or firms that still work manually encounter a lot of operational challenges. From onboarding new clients to responding to complaints and resolving incidents, there are a lot of complex cases that manual solutions are simply not sufficient to keep up with.

The possibility of accessing all information from the same place, tracking the progress of cases, collaborating seamlessly and providing personalized care to customers has made electronic case management an attractive solution for resolving most of these challenges.

Below is a list of instances like this that you are likely to encounter when working things out manually and a brief overview of how an e case management software can help you resolve these issues.

1. Sharing Sensitive Information and Documents

An electronic case management system uses a secured database which can only be accessed by authorized individuals within an organization. This makes it an ideal way to share sensitive information and documents related to a particular case. Access can be set based on specific user roles and there is a traceable activity trail that makes it possible to track who had access to what.

2. Getting Other Teams Involved for A Unified Experience

One of the advantages of using an e-case management system is that the entire team can simultaneously access the same case and all the details that pertain to it. The software centralizes data in a way that allows for a unified experience for everyone involved in managing the case from the start to the finish. A good electronic case management system enhances internal processes and team collaboration. All the users and teams involved in handling a case have access to real-time insight on the current state of the case at every given time.

3. Maintaining A Trail of Action Within Each Case

An electronic case management software will help structure your workflow by simplifying the delegation of action within the case. Additionally, a record of events and how each case was handled is saved for future reference. This proper storage and arrangement of data help case handlers maintain a trail of action within each case. It introduces consistency into the overall bookkeeping procedure. Even while onboarding new staff, an electronic case management system makes it easy to follow the trail of action and meet resolution SLAs.

4. Approvals and Decision Making

Business productivity is significantly increased when actions that require approval from higher-ups are pushed and resolved immediately. With manual case management there is a lot of delay in decision making because cases that need approval are manually pushed and case handlers have to repeatedly send emails to seek approval from those in charge. With a cloud-based electronic case management software, most of these steps are automated allowing case teams to cruise through incidents faster and solve them promptly. Smart reminders and notifications also ensure that nothing is missed and cases that need approval are resolved promptly.

Dynamic case management puts users in control


5. Keeping Customers Informed

Keeping clients and customers updated is quite difficult when using the manual tools and methods. E-case management software can keep your customers informed as and when action is taken pertaining to their case through real-time notifications and updates. This drastically reduces the need for customers to follow up leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

6. Analytics

A good case management software helps assess performance metrics. It achieves this by keeping a record of trends which can help you determine the functionality of your workflow and identify operational bottlenecks. The software allows you to generate timely reports to resolve particularly complicated cases with relative ease. It can also give an overview of efforts that aren’t paying off or procedures that should be ditched. Leveraging analytical reports generated by e-case management software can help your firm evaluate staff productivity and derive actionable insights to improve processes.

7. Remote Access

Imagine traveling on a business trip, and you suddenly need a case file to make an urgent decision. Well, that won’t be possible if you are still operating manually. However, with a case management system, all you need to do is log in and the information you need is right there.

An e-case management software quite easily solves the problem of poor accessibility. The system stores its information and data on the cloud. Everyone, irrespective of location, has access to this information provided you are authorized to access.


Traditional case management processes are fast becoming obsolete. Besides the fact that they aren’t flexible, they can also slow down decision-making processes. E-case management software comes with a plethora of benefits which include improved efficiency, greater flexibility, better information sharing, preservation of data, centralized data storage. And these advantages make it simple to improve productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

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