The Benefits of the Cloud

Reduced operational costs

With cloud solutions, not only do you avoid costs associated with setting up and maintaining physical systems but you also reduce the manpower and IT dependency.


Cloud services providers have various protection measures in place, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and restricted access making data less vulnerable.

Backup of data

Local data is vulnerable. A cloud-based system helps you maintain and gain access to old data should you need it for reasons such as analytics, regulation, or compliance.

Role-based permissions

Using the cloud allows you to control who has access to what. This is vital role for security since it limits the risks of vital and sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Ease of deployment

One of the hallmark advantages of a cloud-based system is that you are not bound by on-site hardware limitations when deploying new features or software patches.

Remote access

Cloud systems allow users to access case data and processes from anywhere in the world using smart phones and devices. This further makes team collaboration simple.

Cases Can Now Be Completed
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The DCM Advantages

Dynamic case management (DCM) is an advanced method of handling cases that combines conventional human-based approach with digital tools that automate and streamline vital aspects of the case management process. The best dynamic case management tools provide a virtual infrastructure to store case-related data, collaborate seamlessly, track cases, and automate flows. Some of the benefits of using a virtual dynamic case management solution include:

Customizable workflow

Managing cases often involves navigating complex decision branches and making course corrections as a case unfolds. This requires a great deal of flexibility by means of customizable workflows that help facilitate efficiency, and better decision making.

Build quicker reports

A DCM platform comes with an inbuilt data analytics module that gives you access to actionable data and customized performance reports. This provides users access to insights that can help identify case trends and improve productivity and process efficiency.


A DCM solution makes it possible to manage everything within a single interface. This allows you to define user roles and control who can make changes to cases while making it easier to keep clients and stakeholders apprised of the status of their requests.

View from any smart device

With cloud-based DCM tools, users have access to virtual case dashboards that contain the most up-to-date case data. Changes are made in real-time, and they can be accessed by users from anywhere and at any time with the help of an internet-enable device.

Integrate applications

DCM solutions are designed to be easily integrated into a company’s existing software infrastructure. Such solutions are also designed to integrate with the most commonly used software applications to eliminate data silos and enhance product capabilities.

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As an organisation, the word Kissflow is now synonymous with quality and staff of all levels have embraced the platform and all speak highly of it.

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As an organisation, the word Kissflow is now synonymous with quality and staff of all levels have embraced the platform and all speak highly of it.

Oliver Umehara,

SoftBank Telecom

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