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10 Ways Your Average Day Changes When You Start Using BPM

Changes When You Start Using BPM

We often think of Business Process Management as a serious discipline that affects the core workings of any great enterprise. But those on the inside know that once you start to get sold on business process management, things can get a little carried away, even outside the office.

Here’s a fun list for all those who take BPM maybe a little too seriously.

10 Ways Your Average Day Changes When You Start Using BPM Software

1. You stopped requesting ad-hoc grocery list requests from your spouse and asked him/her to fill out an online form instead.

online form

2. Your friends have asked you to use the word ‘execution’ less because it creeps them out.


3. You wasted three hours searching the internet for how to integrate your washing machine drain with your sprinkler hose to minimize water wastage.


4. You know the exact number of steps you have to walk before your lawnmower needs to be filled with gas.


5. You find yourself saying, “This is why we must have standard processes” when your kids complain that your spouse reads the bedtime story before brushing their teeth, not after.

standard processes

6. You find yourself writing ‘IF’ conditional statements in email responses.

conditional statements

7. You base your lunch choices on which one minimizes your wait time from order to eating.


8. You created a mobile approval process for accessing your home wifi password after your son’s friends downloaded Season 6 of Game of Thrones while over for a snack.

approval process

9. You start to intentionally hide inefficiencies in a process, just so you can go back and fix them later.

inefficiencies in a process

10. You nearly had a heart attack after spending two hours trying to renew your driver’s license.

heart attack

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