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Procurement Transformation with Design Thinking

Join us to unlock transformative change and deliver sustainable value.
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Hosted by

Mohan Madhurakavi

Chief Evangelist Digital Transformation


October 5, 11.00 am GMT

About the host

Mohan Madhurakavi is an award-winning Digital Transformation expert with extensive experience implementing digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. He has facilitated more than 50 Digital Transformation workshops around the world, leading large teams to deliver outstanding client outcomes.

Unlock 10x Value through Design Thinking

Uncover the secrets to successful procurement digital transformation at our design thinking masterclass. According to popular data, around 70% of initiatives don’t become successful. That’s why this workshop is curated to offer strategies to avoid common pitfalls and deliver 10x value.
Topics of discussion:
  • What, why, and how of design thinking
  • How to apply design thinking in procurement
  • How design thinking can lead to 10x value in procurement