Nana direct increased its transactions by 60% in a quarter


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About the company

Nana Direct is the first and the largest digital grocery shopping platform in Saudi Arabia that offers doorstep delivery of groceries and other home essentials. Based out of Riyadh, the on-demand grocery platform was founded in 2016 to revolutionize the way people buy. Nana Direct aims to expand its operations to the United Kingdom soon.



No. of employees

51 – 200




Nana Direct wanted a complete overhaul of its procurement operations. They wanted to automate their procure-to-pay process end-to-end by creating a robust, tailor-made workflow to manage all their in-office purchases. Nana Direct also wanted to set up a budgeting system to reduce spend and increase visibility with the option to create custom reports.


Prior to using Kissflow Procurement Cloud, Nana Direct was handling all of their procurement tasks manually, using paper. This led to severe process inefficiencies, delays, and data inconsistencies. The multiple to and fros on emails were difficult to follow and the approval process was disarrayed. With a lack of a proper system to track purchases and supplier applications, they were losing out on critical data and facing disparities in supplier qualification. On top of this, the manual procurement process was overly exhaustive and complicated that they had little to no control over spend. So, cost savings was simply out of question.

Why Kissflow?


It is a ready-to-use P2P solution with the ability to completely customize. You can create as many configurable workflows as you want, according to your business needs.


Kissflow Procurement Cloud completely automated Nana Direct’s P2P process with a customized workflow, made specifically to cater to the grocery platform’s needs. We made a provision for all of the users to raise a purchase requisition, which goes through a dynamic approval workflow based on the PR value and department. If the PR is a CapEx, it goes to the HR and the Finance teams for approval. Post-approval, the PO is automatically sent to the initiator and the vendor as a PDF. Throughout this process, the initiator can track the status of their requests.

“We made a provision for all of the users to raise a purchase requisition, which goes through a dynamic approval workflow based on the PR value and department.”

Kissflow addressed supplier qualification by providing the option to compare the vendor quotes submitted. Nana can now choose their preferred supplier based on the quality, price, and delivery time. Once the requested items are delivered, GRN from the initiator is required to complete the request. The invoice is then approved and processed with three-way matching. We have integrated Nana with Quickbooks to act as a purchase invoice ledger.


Post-implementation, Nana Direct experienced a 60% hike in the number of transactions from the first quarter to the second. The successful integration with the accounting system helped eliminate overpaying of invoices and it reflected in a 60% increase in spend under management. On top of this, Nana was able to onboard 600+ new suppliers and maintain their information seamlessly on the Kissflow Procurement Cloud platform.


“60% hike in transactions, 600+ new suppliers onboarded, and 60% increase in spend under management.”


Kissflow Procurement Cloud helped Nana Direct gain full control of its spend by standardizing, streamlining, and automating its P2P process. This eliminated the time taken for manual verification and data entries. Employees were able to allocate more time to focus on strategic activities. Kissflow’s improved supplier qualification mechanism enabled Nana to increase savings by providing the opportunity to select the best suppliers and enforce compliance. Overall, the employees of Nana were able to quickly find the goods and services they need with a familiar consumer buying experience.

“Kissflow allows any level of customization. It is easy to use and is flexible enough. It is also a business process-compliant system.”
Mohamed Shifan -
Nana Direct