Take control of your purchase requests

Complete transparency

Gain full visibility about the status of your purchase requests and get instant updates whenever there are changes

Product catalogs

With cloud storage, get instant access to your product catalogs when initiating purchase requisitions

Budget control

Proactively define and manage budget restrictions with dynamic rules throughout the entire procure-to-pay lifecycle

Streamline your purchases

Track, monitor, and manage every purchase request in real-time
Approvals on the go

Every stakeholder has the ability to provide approvals: anytime, anywhere

Requisitions to RFQ

Convert your purchase requisitions to a new request for proposal (RFQ) in a click

Intuitive interface

Employees can execute and manage PRs in an uncluttered, simplified visual interface

Automated routing

Move requests through the chain of hierarchy without any manual intervention

Auto-initiated POs

Set purchase orders to auto-initiate as soon as the respective request is approved

Policy compliance

Enforce organizational and legal policies easily with digital purchase requisitions

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