How procurement automation helps procurement reach its goals


According to the Open Standards Benchmarking in Procurement research conducted by the APQC, 82 percent of respondents employ some sort of e-procurement, with another 6 percent expecting to do so in the next years.

More than half of Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) agree that the underutilization of automation tools in procurement processes is a serious problem that must be addressed. But why are corporations embracing digitization? To get this, you must first comprehend what procurement automation is and how it benefits procurement.

Procurement automation is the process of automating time-consuming, tedious, and labor-intensive procurement department duties to boost efficiency and decrease the time it takes to perform them. It frees you from mundane duties and allows you to concentrate on key functions such as decision-making and planning. Here are a few of the advantages of Procurement Automation.

Reduced approval times

The delay in getting orders on time is merely a symptom of a deeper issue that must be addressed. The problem develops at the start of the procurement process when buy requisitions and purchase orders become stalled in the approvals for days. By implementing procurement automation software, you gain complete visibility into the approval process. It aids in determining where the approval process is bogged down inside the company. By automating your procurement process, you may reduce downtime during the ordering cycle, eliminate redundant procedures, and empower procurement personnel to accomplish more in less time.

Better supplier relationships

Businesses require a continuous flow of information and practical communication. Suppliers must grasp your particular requirements, and enterprises must understand their competencies in accordance with their needs. Transparency and collaboration are required for long-term and healthy supplier relationships across the supply chain. Procurement automation allows your suppliers to communicate in real-time and track the status of their purchase orders, payments, and comments on the product or service, among other things. This allows teams to focus on more vital tasks that will help the firm become more market competitive.

Acts as a single source of truth

Bits of information in numerous hands impede an organization’s ability to see the big picture of its processes. This also generates organizational silos, which inhibit communication and impede effective decision-making. Procurement automation allows you to centralize your data and make the entire process and order lifecycle available to all stakeholders. This serves as a single source of truth, granting access and assisting in the monitoring of all transactions within a procurement system.

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