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How No Code Platforms Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

Team Kissflow

Updated on 17 Apr 2024 3 min read

Digital transformation–it’s the new buzzword that IT leaders can’t stop talking about. If your company isn’t automating and digitizing business processes, then you risk falling out of competition and becoming irrelevant.

However, it simply isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Over 85 percent of companies[1] fail at digital transformation because they aren’t able to implement the changes correctly. Most companies focus too much on technology and too little on the people who will be using that technology, which is why most digital transformation strategies end up failing.

No-code development platforms can help implement successful digital transformation strategies by putting people at the center of it all.

Why Traditional Digital Transformation Strategies Often Fail

Existing Legacy Systems Are Difficult to Modify

Many companies feel burdened by the existing infrastructure, which has often been in place for decades. The rigidness of these legacy systems makes it difficult to initiate a complete organizational change.

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is a great saying, but doesn’t apply here–failing to update legacy systems can leave your organization far behind competition.

Large IT Projects Are Costly, With Unforeseeable Results

Large-scale IT projects can be expensive, time-consuming, and often have unpredictable results. This inability to measure the success or failure of your digital transformation project means that you may only be able to realize that your strategy was all wrong when it’s too late.

Unclear Understanding of User Needs

Without the correct understanding of user needs, it is pretty easy to lose track of the end goal and get caught up in the latest technology trends. Your focus should instead be on building digital solutions that are centered around the end users.

Lack of Talent

It may not be possible for you to effectively implement digital transformation without the right team of developers. Even if you have a strong technical team, it doesn’t automatically guarantee the right results. The need for developing business solutions is continuous, and for organizations, that is a big part of the challenge.

Coding has always been a necessary-yet-inefficient process to develop IT solutions, because it requires continuous modification and testing, which can take a big chunk of your time. That is exactly where no-code development platforms can come to your advantage.

What Is No-Code, and How Can It Help?

A no-code platform has a visual development environment that lets even non-technical users (“citizen developers”) create powerful applications by dragging and dropping different application components.

With no-code development platforms, your employees can experiment with ideas and create solutions that can digitally transform your organization in a more effective way.

Some of the many ways no-code platforms help implement digital transformation strategies successfully include:

Supports Agile Methodology

No-code platforms give you room to breathe because you are able to experiment to find the perfect solution that truly fits the end user. With pre-built modules, you don’t just save development time, but testing time as well–the entire testing process is automated. This, in turn, offers more agility and allows your team to focus on creating the best experience for users.

Increases Productivity by Automating Redundant Tasks

With no-code platforms, your organization can automate and digitize tasks, streamline processes, and reduce manual labor, which then allows your team to focus on the more important parts of the business. Since these applications are completely customizable, they can be modified according to the specific needs of your employees or organization to improve operational efficiency.

Allows Citizen Developers to Build Applications

You can transform employees with no technical background into citizen developers just in a few days with no-code development platforms, giving them all the tools they need to create applications.

This way, you are not just able to close the skill gap in your company, but also create an environment that empowers employees to think creatively and transform their ideas into working solutions.

Aligns the Company’s IT and Business Functions

Since no-code platforms are able to involve all employees in the application development process, you are able to straighten the alignment between the company’s IT and business functions.

After the application has been built, tested, and verified by citizen developers, the IT team can get involved to implement and scale the application.

Digital Transformation Is a Journey

It is crucial for organizations to remember that digital transformation is not a one-step process that can be accomplished through a single project. It’s an ongoing process of coming up with new ideas, experimenting with them, and testing them in order to find the most effective solution.

When you are directly coding applications, experimenting with different features and testing them can take a large amount of your time, which might make the entire process inefficient. No-code platforms like Kissflow No-code platform can help solve this problem by moving some of the weight of your digital transformation journey off IT’s shoulders.