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The Top 5 Types of Personnel Management Software for Your Business

Team Kissflow

Updated on 23 Apr 2024 4 min read

The concept of automating administrative and repetitive activities of the personnel function has been popular for a couple of decades now. However, it seems that a real explosion in the market for personnel system software has happened recently. There are now more choices than ever before.

Choosing the right personnel management solution that is aligned with your organization’s culture, goals, and processes is critical. Thus, this article will guide you through some of the most popular choices of personnel management software, exploring their features and functionalities so that you can make an informed choice of investment.

What is the purpose of personnel management software?

Gone are the days when the human resource (HR) function was able to carry out its daily tasks using static paper-based forms; spreadsheets with multiple sheets, messy formulas, and complex cross referencing; and untraceable emails. Personnel are responsible for an ever-increasing workload, from recruiting and onboarding, to HR administration, training, and talent management to name a few areas. Therefore, they must have tools that are straightforward to use, easy to access, and feature-rich to fulfill business requirements effectively.

Personnel management software allows an organization to automate many routine, labor-intensive HR tasks that are usually carried out manually. This can save countless man hours and offer significant cost savings along the way. In addition, a key objective of personnel database software is to make the many HR processes that form part of the personnel function more effective and streamlined, cutting error rates drastically and improving the consistency and integrity of the organization’s HR data.

A personnel team that enjoys the benefit of personnel management software to handle the manual parts of the HR processes has more time and capacity to focus on other areas that can add more significant and tangible value to the business. These valuable areas include recruiting the best talent or carrying out effective employee training programs.

Top 5 personnel management systems on the market

Below are our picks of the best personnel software out there for your business to choose from:

1. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud includes all of the key functionalities that you would expect, from applicant tracking and core onboarding, to time and attendance monitoring and training management. All of these features are in an easy-to-use and intuitive system. Best of all, Kissflow HR Cloud is the fact that it combines agile core HR functionality with actionable insights and a seamless multi-channel interface.

Pricing: Subscription costs start at $690 per month, and subsequent pricing depends on the modules, the number of users, and the expected transaction volume.

HR Cloud

2. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud

Oracle HCM is a market-leading personnel management solution with clients of a variety of sizes, industries, and nationalities. It provides a comprehensive capability to manage the entire employee life cycle using automated functions, from recruitment to performance management, succession planning, and benefits administration.

Oracle HCM is a cloud-based personnel management software and requires a minimum of 1,000 users. It is better suited to larger organizations looking for personnel management software with the most sophisticated and comprehensive functionalities.

Pricing: Pricing is worked out according to the modules or features that are chosen by the business, allowing for maximum flexibility.

3. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a cloud-based personnel management software with a range of core automation features ideally suited to small or medium sized businesses. Users can enjoy a range of features, and Bamboo HR’s employee self-service function allows staff members to make time off and time management requests quickly and easily.

Pricing: It offers two types of packages, Essentials and Advantage, so that you can choose the features that your business would benefit from the most. You can choose additional modules too. Bamboo HR will provide a free business needs analysis and subsequent customized quote to all new customers.

4. Kronos Workforce Ready

This personnel management system offers users a single, unified platform to deliver end-to-end human resource management across a range of activities. These activities include recruitment automation and onboarding, time and attendance, compensation, and benefits and payroll, as well as robust data analysis and reporting functionalities.

Kronos Workforce Ready is operated in the cloud using the most up-to-date and advanced cloud technology so that users can work quickly and efficiently while maintaining flexibility.

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on a number of factors, including the level of cover required and number of users.

5. Workday HCM

Workday HCM is a personnel management system with the key benefit of being suitable for organizations of all sizes due to its customizable features and suite of bolt-on modules. This allows each business to choose a tailored HR software solution for their needs.

Pricing: However, setup and implementation costs of Workday HCM are higher than other HR software. Additional costs are determined by number of users and combination of modules purchased.

Must-have features to look for before investing in personnel management software

All personnel management systems differ in terms of how they operate and perform. However, there are several key features the vast majority of organizations look for in such personnel management software.

The first is coverage across a wide scope of HR activities. The most common personnel areas that benefit from some level of digitization and automation include recruitment and onboarding, time and attendance, absence management, payroll, performance management training, and employee offboarding. More sophisticated systems may also offer optional modules such as talent management, workforce planning, and HR strategy implementation.

Second, ensure that your standard of customer service and support in your personnel management software, both in the planning and implementation period and on an ongoing basis, is high. You are looking for both online and telephone support from IT and HR software specialists, ideally available twenty-four hours a day.

Finally, with the increase in home and remote working across many industries, personnel management software that allows some form of mobile access via apps is likely to be a valuable and future-proof feature to look for.

Shop around the personnel management software market to find the best solution for your organization

The key message here is not to be confused or overwhelmed by the choice of software on the market if you are seeking an automated personnel management solution for your organization. The many different types of systems cater to the great variety that exists across businesses in terms of their requirements.

It is therefore crucial that you take your time and do your research to invest in the right personnel system software for your needs. If you’re on the lookout for the personnel management system that is in tune with your business processes, then start with Kissflow HR Cloud and see how effortless personnel management can be.

Kissflow HR Cloud