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Boost Employee Success With A Performance Management Platform

Customize every step of your performance management process with Kissflow’s platform

Sculpt your
unique performance journey

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The simplicity you deserve

Build user-friendly workflows with easy-to-follow steps and without any coding knowledge. Navigate the performance process seamlessly, ensuring accessibility for all team members.

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Complete visibility

Gain a holistic view of employee performance on the management platform and provide insights into individual and team goals. Keep tabs on manager feedback and self-appraisals all in one place.

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Customizable processes

Create a highly intuitive, super customizable, deeply integrated performance management process that enhances employee experience with seamless adoption.

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Effortless collaboration

Automate the evaluation process routing and record everyone's comments. Delegate tasks within the platform and reduce manual coordination efforts while enhancing team efficiency.

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The all-in-one task console

Access a unified console to document end-to-end employee work and proactively track their progress. Stay ahead by promoting accountability and timely interventions.

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Data-driven insights

Retrieve real-time insights for effective performance management and ensure accuracy in your processes. Leverage data-driven insights to align your strategies with tangible results.

Elevate your strategic HR with the
features you need

Keep a pulse on your team's progress in real-time and track performance metrics
Employee Performance Automate Forms
Performance Management Platform
360 Degree Employee Performance Reviews
HR Performance Management Actionable Report
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HR teams do remarkable things with Kissflow

Make you your performance management platform, your way

Building better processes helps build better infrastructures

"Kissflow is capable of organizing complex business processes into manageable steps that can be easily tracked and monitored. By assigning individuals to process tasks, Kissflow will move the process from start to completion, ensuring that nothing gets held up or skipped."

Michael Casamento

Michael Casamento


Don’t let paper approvals get in the way to HR efficiency

"Kissflow has streamlined our ability to track reports and processes. This has saved us countless man-hours."

Robert Hulak Jr.

Robert Hulak Jr.


HR work is already difficult, make it simple

"Kissflow is a big time saver. We've shortened onboarding from two weeks to a day!"

Al Anderson

Al Anderson

Salish Kootenai

Reduce hiring approval time by 80%

"We were able to completely customize and change forms at any point without needing to contact an IT desk or have a background in programming."

Yvonne Herman

Yvonne Herman

Wayne Metro

Pre-built HR process templates
to drive easy adoption

Discover our library of pre-designed HR process templates crafted to streamline your workflow,
save time and ensure precision in every step.

Explore HR Templates
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Deploy your HR template in a matter of minutes


Create customizable forms to capture vital data


Promote a promising employee experience


Enhance the processes with predictive analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Kissflow is designed to be flexible and compatible with various software applications. We offer integration options, including APIs and pre-built connectors for popular HR software, allowing you to connect Kissflow with your existing systems seamlessly.
Kissflow provides a wide range of reporting and analytics options for performance management, including individual and team performance summaries, progress tracking, and more. You can also create custom reports to align with your specific metrics and KPIs, enabling data-driven decision-making.
Absolutely, Kissflow is built for flexibility. Our intuitive form builder allows you to create, edit, and tailor performance management forms to ensure they align perfectly with your organization's unique goals.

Achieve the perfect blend of culture and productivity with Kissflow