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Lasting impression

Create a dynamic onboarding journey with software that welcomes every new hire with a lasting impression

Paperless onboarding

Streamline the onboarding journey with digital checklists and workflows, keeping it paperless and automated with an employee onboarding app for ease

Employee self-service

Empower employees to submit documents, manage their profiles, connect with their peers, and have productive discussions on your onboarding platform

Make onboarding memorable

Impress new joinees from the first day with a thoughtful and dynamic onboarding experience
kissflow onboarding
Automated checklists

Track and execute all steps in the employee onboarding process with automated checklists

kissflow onboarding
Collaboration platform

Enable stakeholders to have discussions and make announcements using Kissflow Channels

kissflow onboarding
Effortless integration

Integrate seamlessly with other third-party solutions like ERP, payroll systems, and more

kissflow onboarding
Digital signature

Use the DocuSign connector to ensure legal compliance in your HR documentation process

kissflow onboarding
Smart notifications

Automated alerts help stakeholders complete tasks like asset allocation without any delays

kissflow onboarding
Employee database

Store and manage all employee documents in a cloud database to improve accessibility

A flexible onboarding platform that works the way you do