Saying goodbye the right way

Automated processes

Streamline the offboarding process and improve compliance with advanced, automated workflows, dynamic conditions, and approval-routing

Turnover insights

Capture and store accurate data throughout the offboarding process and analyse them to spot turnover trends and gain meaningful insights

Transparent workflows

Keep track of your offboarding process from start to finish, identifying what has been accomplished and what more needs to be done

Make offboarding as seamless as possible

Offer a positive and consistent experience to all exiting employees
Offboarding checklists

Track and retrieve all organizational assets from departing employees while ensuring compliance

Document trails

Maintain a record of every contract and policy agreed by former employees to minimize risk

Security notifications

Remind stakeholders to revoke the system access of former employees using automated alerts

Compliant offboarding

Integrate with other third party software solutions to minimize errors and avoid penalties

Employee resignations

Deliver a consistent and professional offboarding experience that makes resignations painless

Exit interviews

Identify the reason behind employee attritions and get a clear understanding of employee morale

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