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‘Workflows come true’ this Christmas, Santa Factory gets automated workflows

Team Kissflow

Updated on 9 Mar 2024 1 min read

Buddy elf, Santa’s top assistant, was busy checking the letters & emails for Santa, on his Nexus 7 tablet. Elfie came jumping towards Buddy and said, “We are full stock…as always!” and smiled. They seem to be in no hurry for the Christmas.

“Shouldn’t they be working overtime until Santa finishes delivering his presents?” I was surprised. But I will never doubt!

I recalled Santa factory had #gonegoogle in October, this year. While searching for the best option to get workflows automated at Santa Factory’s, it was Buddy & Jingle who stumbled upon Kissflow.

“The first thing that I liked about Kissflow was the good chance to create our workflows, ours’elves’…it was like playing serious Lego ;-)” said Jingle with an elfish delight.

“Elfie was keen in getting her Procurement ERP integrated with the workflows. And it is my duty to give my final word ‘All done!’ to Santa, before he boards his flying reindeer” , said the ever-dutiful Buddy.

“Did your wish list for Workflows come true?” I asked them.

Buddy handed over a vintage parchment roll and said, “May be you must see it for yours’elf’!. And this is the last parchment we used”, laughing elfishly. “While we moved to Google Apps, we were determined to celebrate a parchment-less Christmas this year, and Kissflow finely fit into moving all our paper based workflows into Google Cloud”.

“Ok then, it is now time for the final test run of the workflows. Wish you a happy great Christmas and a New Year”, Buddy wished me in advance. Elfie & Jingle wished me & waved a bye. I was sure, that they never wanted to take back the parchment from me!