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5 Ways Automation Can Transform a Ticket Booking Company

Team Kissflow

Updated on 18 Apr 2024 2 min read

There is great opportunity in the online ticket booking space, but there is also intense competition. While children’s piano recitals still seem to be an open market, it seems that everything else is taken – flights, buses, movies, events, and much more! With very low margins in these industries, the key differentiator for ticket booking companies is brand loyalty.

Cutting costs and running loss-leading discounts may get you customers in the short run, but to inspire loyalty, you need to consistently meet customer demands. This is possible only if you eliminate bottlenecks across your company’s various departments.

Efficiency is the secret to success. If you can meet customer and partner needs optimally, you can maximize ticket sales, minimize overhead costs, and offer a fantastic experience. These may sound like lofty goals, but they’re not hard to achieve. You’ve just got to automate your workflows.

1. Hire smart and fast

There is no shortage of opportunities in the tech industry for talented software developers. Your competitors will be especially excited to recruit the great candidates you’re interviewing. So, if you think a candidate is a good hire, don’t make them wait for a long approval process. Otherwise, your candidate will be cranking out code for a competitor by the time your offer letter gets to his inbox.

2. Get new deals out quickly

Dynamism is essential when you’re selling tickets. A stand-up comic who sells out her show within hours will want to quickly add another show to meet the demand. An event management company will want to add discount options for a concert seeing low sales. If you’re slow to react to these requests because of lengthy email chains with management, your event partners will take their business elsewhere. Automate approval workflows so that when a slam-dunk offer is proposed, it’s on the website as quick as you can click ‘Approve’.

3. Engage and reward customers

When someone buys a ticket on your website, don’t let that be the end of your relationship with them. Inspire loyalty to your company by sending them follow-up emails with special deals and offers. Not only can you automate these emails, you can also include a link to a feedback form hosted by Kissflow. Your marketers can then sift through the feedback and approve the best quotes using the Kissflow smartphone app to include in future marketing campaigns.

4. Encourage creativity in employees

It’s crucial to empower all your employees to think of ways to improve your website. This brings in diverse viewpoints and enables you to reach out to various segments. If an employee thinks of a great rewards program to increase the repeat-customers base, just ask her to pitch the suggestion through the Kissflow app. The right managers will get notified and can quickly make a go/no-go call.

5. Be quick with refunds

A customer who has booked a ticket on your website has to cancel it because of a family emergency. Don’t make a trying time harder for him by taking forever to refund his money. By automating the refund process and making it seamless, you gain the customer’s trust and their future business.

To differentiate yourself from competitors, a ticket booking company can use automation to create fluid workflows in HR, Customer Support, Marketing, and even across functions. By efficiently serving your customers and partners, you will get the kind of loyalty that can make you the go-to place for online ticket booking.

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