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#1 Approval Software For Seamless And Effective Approvals

Efficient approval management streamlines approval workflows across all departments and enhances process visibility, helping organizations minimize operational costs.

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How to Automate Your Approvals

1. Start with a form
2. Create an approval workflow and set the rules
3. Add people to the workflow
4. Use, analyze and enhance the workflow
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1. Start with a form
3. Add people to the workflow
2. Create an approval workflow and set the rules
4. Use, analyze and enhance the workflow

What Can Kissflow Approval Tool Offer

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Drag-and-Drop Forms

Quickly build a highly advanced form with exhaustive fields, from scratch without writing any code.

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Cloud-Based Technology

With centralized databases and networked backups, enjoy minimal network downtime, zero data loss and get requests approved in a jiffy.

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Role-based access enables only relevant people to view specific information, so sensitive information remains safe.

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Go from Chaos to Convenience:
The Simplest Approval Tool Ever

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Kissflow Offers
Seamless Integration

You don’t want to spend your precious time and energy integrating your current apps with the new software. Kissflow Workflow integrates with top enterprise software like Google Drive, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, DocuSign, and many others, giving your business the deserved flexibility and agility.


How Our Clients Use Kissflow Approval Tool

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6 years ago, the sales team of Landmark Properties were using Google Forms to track requests. As the company grew, the requests were too many to handle.

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With Kissflow Workflow, they were able to quickly streamline requests, making it easy for marketers to track all communication on a unified platform.

Kissflow Approval Tool for Everyone


IT Service Requests

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IT Change Management


Purchase Requests

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Accounts receivable and payable


Promotion Requests

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Salary Advance Request

Admin & Ops

Travel Request

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Travel Reimbursement

Redefine your workflows with Kissflow Workflow