Process Street vs Kissflow – A Head-to-Head Comparison

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While choosing a process management tool, it’s easy and rather tempting to instinctively go with the herd. However, what works for other businesses might not work as well with your unique business processes.

It is crucial to think about your needs thoroughly, and choose a process management system that is easy to implement, user-friendly, and free from a steep learning curve. What’s more, the best process management software should neither cost a fortune nor take forever to get up and running.

If you have experienced any of the above-mentioned problems, and have been looking for a Process Street alternative, look no further than Kissflow.

Process Street vs Kissflow – Pricing

Process Street


Standard Edition: $12.50/user/month
Version: Basic
Features: Limited

Complete Edition: $9/user/month
Version: Complete
Features: Unlimited
G2 Leader Winner 2020 – 4.3 / 5 (461 Reviews)

No matter whether it is a workflow management tool or a BPM suite, good software should be cost-effective while saving time and effort. For small and medium businesses that run a tight ship, the workflow management system needs to be economical.

Unfortunately, Process Street pricing is expensive. There is a freemium model, but it only offers limited features and templates. If you need granular permission control or 2-factor authentication to keep your data safe, you may have to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

Process street pricing for business plans starts at $12.50/user/month, and that’s just for the basic plan. Their $25/user/month plan give some rather ho-hum bonus features for the price.

Kissflow gives you a free 14-day trial to explore the platform before you make a final purchase.

Best of all, Kissflow offers unlimited access to all features for standard pricing plan of $9/user/month. So, right out of the gate, you are saving 65 percent on a comparable product if you choose Kissflow.

Choose Kissflow Over Process Street to Save 65% of the Cost

Process Street vs. Kissflow – Review

Process Street is a ‘little bit’ of different things: a checklist, a scheduler, an SOP tool and, this, that, and the other. But it’s not really a master at any of them. You can find better and more advanced features in many other tools.

On the other hand, as a Process Street alternative, Kissflow is a powerful, dedicated, feature-rich process management tool. It focuses on giving end users as much control as possible over the process creation, and makes it easy on users.

Kissflow is not just a beautiful business process management tool; it is developed with a vision to make every part of process and workflow management easy, transparent, and efficient. It gives you complete control to tailor a unique business process from the ground up without any coding.

A good way to understand what would work better for your organization is to pit these products against each other.

1. Ease of use

Many Process Street reviews claim that its clunky UI leaves much to be desired. Even with the available templates, Process Street has bit of a learning curve that takes users a while to get used to.

Kissflow, on the other hand, is neat and easy to use. Kissflow’s intuitive user interface helps users adapt to it effortlessly in a matter of few hours without any tedious training.

2. Ease of implementation

Process Street’s freemium version is easy to implement, but some of the more complex features offered in the paid version are difficult to set up with just online instructions. Dealing with a cluttered interface can be frustrating, especially when you have no clue where to start.

Kissflow offers a slick, clean, and powerful interface that needs neither a long drawn-out implementation cycle nor a massive user manual. Users can implement Kissflow and get it up and running in no time.

3. Ease of administration

When it comes to user permissions and access control, the ultimate sophistication a process management tool can offer is simplicity.

Process Street keeps the account permissions simple and straightforward with just three types of user access: Admin, Member, and Guest.

Kissflow offers a wide range of users. Occasionally, the granular permission control has the potential to stir some confusion.


Process Street


Ease of Use 8.4 9.0
Quality of Support 8.6 8.9
Product Direction 8.3 8.7
Ease of Admin 8.7 8.6
Meets Requirements 8.7 8.8
Ease of Implementation Medium High
Awards High Performer, Spring 2018 Leader, Fall 2018


Users Say Kissflow is Easier to Use than Process Street

The Quintessential Analysis of Product Features

Choosing a process management solution is not a small decision. It is one of the biggest investments an organization would make. So, it is critical to ensure that the process management tool of your choice has enough functionalities to support your unique business needs.

Here are a few essential features that a good process management tool must have.

1. Mobile App:

Mobile-friendly process management tools allow employees to stay productive and manage processes on the go. Kissflow has a dedicated mobile app, while Process Street relies on a PWA.

2. Drag-and-Drop Interface:

Process management tools that come with a visual form builder let business users automate processes and workflows without any coding. Both Kissflow and Process Street are no-code platforms.

3. Scheduled Checklists:

A scheduled checklist helps employees guide and track repetitive events without any human intervention or effort. In both Kissflow and Process Street, you can make sure events happen right when they are supposed to, but Process Street has more scheduling power than Kissflow.

4. Integrations:

A process management tool can’t stand alone. It needs to connect seamlessly with other software like HRMS, accounting system, and more seamlessly to improve process efficiency. Both Kissflow and Process Street use Zapier to connect to over 1,000 other cloud applications.

5. Rule-Based Workflows:

Rule-based workflows enforce policies, ensure compliance, and enhance the consistency of business processes. This is a significant area where Kissflow is much better than Process Street. To access their conditional logic, you need to upgrade to the $25/user/month plan, while Kissflow provides even more advanced logic at the same basic price.

6. Graphical Workflow Editor:

With a graphical workflow editor, process owners can create and implement dynamic workflows in a matter of minutes. Process Street relies on a checklist style to create a workflow, while Kissflow allows you to use a full graphical editor to create very complex workflows with conditional and parallel branches.

7. Reports and Analytics:

Real-time visual rich reports allow users to spot process bottlenecks and identify opportunities for improvement. Reports in Process Street are very basic, while Kissflow provides analytics to help you see how your workflows are running.

Feature Comparison

Process Street


Drag-and-Drop Interface Yes Yes
Scheduled Checklists Yes No
Mobile App No Yes
Rule-Based Workflows Yes (Incurs additional cost) Yes
Third-Party Integrations Yes Yes
Graphical Workflow Editor No Yes
Reports and Analytics No Yes


Making the Right Choice

Process Street is a good choice if you only need the basic features that come with their freemium model. But if you are going to start paying for features, there are many better options out there that are much cheaper.

Kissflow is a great Process Street alternative. It gives you more functionality and at a lower price. What could be better?

Don’t let your processes slip through the cracks when you can create a fully functional process from scratch in less than 30 minutes. Sign up for a free trial of Kissflow today!

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