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Workflow with Google Drive integration and Organizational hierarchy support


Over the last one month, we have been working on bringing new features such as Google Drive integration and User Hierarchy Mapping to Kissflow, in addition to improving some of the existing features. We are excited to announce that these new features have been implemented and are now available for all Kissflow users.

Kissflow Now Supports Google Drive Integration for Document Management

Earlier, working with Google app in Kissflow required users to upload or create documents in their Google Drive in order to attach them in their workflow requests. We have now improved the feature and polished the Kissflow interface to make Google Drive integration more useful. The enhancements allow users to:

  • Directly upload documents in Kissflow from their computers
  • Attach images, text files, and other types of documents
  • Search documents by parameters such as file type and title

The new feature also allows all workflow participants, and not just the initiators, to attach documents to the workflow.

Workflow Assignment Based on Organizational Hierarchy

Kissflow comes with pre-integrated with Google Contacts, which means you can easily sync your Gmail contacts and email groups from your Google domain. Not only does this make user management easy for workflow admins, but it also helps them assign workflow participants and delegate process steps. But the assignment remains largely static, i.e. a workflow participant doesn’t change based on the change in context.

For large companies with diverse teams led possibly by managers of equal capacity, assigning users dynamically can be a nice feature to have. In the earlier version of Kissflow, process admins would achieve this by adding email fields (e.g. Sales Manager’s email) in the form and assigning a field as workflow participant. The initiators would then select the desired person from the field before submitting the request.

Let’s take the case of Sales Opportunity workflow that requires participation from sales managers across multiple teams. The workflow has to pass through all sales managers before it goes to the Sales Head for the final nod. But creating individual email fields for all sales managers can be a time-consuming hassle.

The all-new User Hierarchy Mapping feature, however, hugely simplifies this process. The feature allows the admins to define the reporting hierarchy of the workflow participants once and for all. Process owners can then define dynamic workflow participants using this hierarchy, instead of adding email fields in the form for every new workflow.

Here are the fields that an admin can create in a workflow with the help of this feature:

  • Define departments (department name, department head)
  • Define locations (location name, location head)
  • Define each active user’s manager, department, and location

Apart from this, we have implemented some new changes to the Kissflow interface to improve your user experience and navigation.

Search Processes

As companies roll-out more processes on Kissflow Workflow, the initiators will have to browse through their processes before they can initiate the required workflow request. To simplify this, we have enabled the search option for available processes in Initiate Request.

Search User Lists

The improved user management feature allows admins to search users by name, instead of having to browse through active and inactive user list to manage permissions and define user hierarchies.

Better Wizard Performance

Creators will now see a considerable improvement in wizard performance when they perform actions such as Add Field, Add Section, Add Table, Add Process Steps, etc. The improved interface will also help you progress faster when navigating across different steps in the five-step process creation wizard.

We are currently working on improving the deployment performance, and plan to reduce the time it takes to publish the process.

Kissflow’s powerful integration capabilities with other platforms makes it an indispensable BPM tool, especially if you are looking for a Google workflow, or G Suite. It reduces the chaos, offers good flexibility, and lets the average business user take control of the processes without requiring a help from the IT team.