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Top 5 Ways a Workflow App Keeps You From Missing Out

Team Kissflow

Updated on 9 Mar 2024 2 min read

You’ve found the right candidate for the job after months of searching. Suddenly, she slips through your fingers and takes an offer somewhere else because you were a day too late in making an offer.

You are walking tall out of a client meeting, bragging to your colleagues via text message about the big whale you’ve just landed. You send out a standard email for approval and get an ‘out of office’ reply from one of your managers. You try to call him, but he’s not picking up your calls. By the time you finally get the approval and deliver it to your client, they have closed the deal with a competitor.


The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real. You and your organization always seem to be on the outside looking in and can’t figure out why. You’ve made leaps and bounds in streamlining your processes, but a bottleneck always appears at the worst time possible.

The business landscape has changed dramatically. Organizations are filled with remote workers, and clients and customers demand that your processes are flowing all the time. What used to pass for fast just isn’t fast enough anymore.

Where you go, your workflow goes too

The last mile towards meeting the demands of an instant world is to take your processes with you everywhere you go. Using a workflow mobile app will put you on the cutting edge of business, instead of always trying to play catch up. Here are five reasons you should make sure your workflow automation software comes with a mobile app:

1. Freedom from the desk – Automated processes weren’t meant to flow only when you’re sitting in your office chair. Whether it’s approving a resume on the ride back home or nudging sales approvals through on the long drive back from a client meeting, a mobile workflow app lets you get a considerable chunk of your tasks sorted and done before you even step through the door.

2. Forget time zones – With a mobile app, processes can flow regardless of the hour on the clock. Key notifications and urgent tasks pop up in real time, making time zones irrelevant and giving overall productivity a much-needed boost.

3. Be location-independent – From remote workers to business trips, your organization is probably more mobile than it has ever been. With an automated workflow google app, you can check in and provide input on key processes while you are at the conference in Boston, or clear out a few quick approvals at the beach if you are like the 60% of Americans who work on vacation.

4. Link other apps to create a powerful mobile office – Effortlessly create a document in Google Docs and attach it to your workflow from your mobile. Take and upload a picture for a blog post you are working on. Or scan receipts and fill out your expense report while you wait in the airport. The reimbursement can be in your account before you get back to the office.

5. Irreplaceable you – You can delegate your tasks while on vacation, but a colleague can quickly reassign a single task to you if something critical comes up that needs your attention. You can stay in control, and ensure that you won’t come back from a trip to absolute chaos.

Don’t miss out any longer – take the step, be at the front of the curve and watch your competitors try to guess what your secret is. Try Kissflow Workflow for free!