Automatic approvals for your expense reports

Level-up your expense reports with automation

Manage all your employee expense reports in real-time

Easy expense reporting

Record expenses and attach receipts as and when they happen

Enforce compliance

Identify expenses that violate expense policies with automatic data validation

Approval hierarchy

Build multi-level approval workflows to suit your organization’s hierarchy

Faster approvals

Identify where processes are hung up and speed up your approvals

How to create a tailor-made expense reporting app

You simply tweak the fully customizable app, the fields within the app, the expense approval app template itself, and then tell the workflow who will be in charge of which task.

Once you’ve launched the expense report app and published it, and have members of your team using it, you can generate custom reports, gaining insights and eliminating bottlenecks even as you’re using the form!

Install the Template

Start with a form built for expense reporting

Customize the Form

Easily add, delete, and modify fields to make it suit your needs

Set Approvals

Determine who needs to approve the requests and set conditions

Publish the App

Launch the expense report app, and make required changes

Generate Reports

Keep an eye on all active forms, spot bottlenecks, and optimize

Why you’ll love Kissflow

With automated forms and approval workflows, you can make the perfect expense reporting application.

Visual interface

A sleek, visual interface with drag-and-drop functionalities


Get approvals on the go right from your smartphone

Highly customizable

It’s easy to tweak the app when your requirements change

Easy Integration

Kissflow connects seamlessly with your accounting software

Relevant notifications

Get instant notifications whenever an action is required

Custom reports

Get actionable insights from the fully customizable reports

The preferred expense report app

“We were able to completely customize and change the forms at any point without needing to contact an IT desk or have a background in programming.”

Yvonne Herman, Wayne Metropolitan

“KiSSFLOW empowers us to be as efficient as possible with little time and money. I can empower others now and increase our operational happiness.”

Pascale Henke, GetSmarter

Incredibly easy expense reporting with Kissflow