Working Remotely While Traveling? Tips and Must-Haves

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Working remotely has long appealed to those who want more freedom in life. It does away with long hours of commuting to work each day, allowing for more time to focus on yourself, your hobbies, and your relationships.
Working remotely also allows for the opportunity to travel and discover the world. It’s been proven to be sustainable and it is also a lifestyle that many digital nomads have built a thriving career on.

If you want to be a successful digital nomad, you need to do your due diligence and make the necessary preparations. Along with your travel gear, you’ll need to find the hardware and software that will enable you to work remotely and travel with ease.

To help you out, here’s a list of work essentials you’ll need with you on your adventures.

Hardware Must-Haves

Should your equipment break down at, say, a remote, tropical beach, you likely won’t find the right tech support or repair center for miles around. It’s ideal to invest in the best hardware you can afford to save you money and time in the long run.


Your laptop should feature the specs you need for the type of work you do. At the same time, it has to be a make and model that won’t weigh you down.

Look for a slim, lightweight laptop that doesn’t compromise on performance. This laptop should provide extra-long battery life and have ample storage for all the software you’ll need for work.
For a combination of portability and consistent performance, consider an Ultrabook such as the Macbook Pro, Lenovo Flex 5, or Dell XPS.Whatever laptop you choose, make sure that it’s extremely durable. Check its user reviews to be extra sure. Buy a padded, water-resistant laptop sleeve to go with it too.

Travel internet dongles

It helps to check for Internet availability before travelling to a new destination. Take note that some areas may be out of coverage. Some locations may require you to purchase an Internet SIM card to connect to local Internet providers.

Battery back-up

When traveling, you won’t always have access to a power source. Make sure you have a fully charged, high-capacity power bank handy. A power bank with over 20,000 mAh provides enough juice for more than one device. Choose one that has multiple types of ports to accommodate different devices.

Indispensable Accessories

Needless to say, you shouldn’t forget to take your laptop and phone chargers on your adventures. But you’d do well to get a power adapter kit too, one with international outlet adapters, so you can plug in and charge anywhere you go.

You should also invest in compact noise-cancelling headsets. A good headset can significantly minimize background noise when you have to take calls in crowded places.
Other things that can come in handy are a small wireless mouse, a lightweight folding laptop stand, and a super-slim wireless keyboard.

Just make sure that you can fit all of your devices and accessories in a secure laptop bag so you can work remotely and travel anywhere with ease.

Software Essentials

No matter how sleek and powerful your hardware is, they won’t do you any good without high-performance software. Since you won’t always have access to tech support when you’re traveling, it’s important to have the best remote work tools you can get.

Remote work software

Your basic software package has to include apps for communication and tools for collaboration. For communication, Viber and Telegram are most useful for calls and messaging. Purchasing credit for your Skype account enables you to call landline or mobile phones from your laptop. Zoom is popular for virtual meetings and can be used for free.

To keep up with your clients and your team, you can use Slack, Google Hangouts, and similar apps. There are also several tools for collaboration you can use to manage team projects. There’s Google Drive for file management, Trello for project management, InVision for design collaboration, and GitHub for software development. With modern advances in technology, there are now dozens of similar software for whatever work purposes you need.

The ideal remote work software is cloud-based and accessible from any location and on any device. This software should enable you to store and access your files and documents securely anytime you need to. More importantly, it should have robust features that make it easy for distributed teams to communicate, collaborate, and complete projects successfully.

Digital workplace

Instead of having to navigate multiple disparate apps that make working cumbersome, you can opt to merge all your remote work tools into a single, comprehensive digital workplace.

A digital workplace is a set of tools, platforms, and environments that removes barriers of location, time, and communication. It incorporates all the technologies you need to run a business, allowing you to access applications and high-performance software for messaging, designing, marketing, and myriad business processes in one convenient platform.

A digital workplace can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, so you and your team can maintain all the data and work tools you already have. From there, it can streamline and improve upon your workflow. You can use your digital workplace, for instance, to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes, saving you time and effort and allowing you to focus on more important matters.

With a robust digital workplace, you can manage your team better and accomplish more work in less time. It will enhance communication and collaboration among employees as well as improve performance and work productivity. It makes your organization more agile. More importantly, it allows you to do all of these while you travel the world.

Equip Yourself for Remote Work

Indeed, modern technology has allowed us to work remotely and travel at the same time. With the right device and software, you can work efficiently and remain productive anywhere you are in the world.
To ensure quality and top performance, adding a Digital Workplace Platform like Kissflow to your list of work essentials can take your productivity up by many levels. It can empower you to continue delivering optimal work performance as you manage your team, regardless of where you or your team may be.

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