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Use Automation to Make Your Rec Center the Pride of Your Community

Team Kissflow

Updated on 10 Mar 2024 2 min read

The rec center at the University of Texas conducts 131 group exercise classes a week, sponsors 43 sports clubs, and gets a crowd of 12,000 intramural participants a year. Even if your community center doesn’t boast these kinds of numbers, what’s clear is that your staff needs to be on top of their game to keep a wide variety of events and activities running smoothly.

A fast-paced environment demands quick decisions. Imagine a staff member wasting time looking for the manager to sign a request to fix the volleyball nets at the same time three groups put in a reservation for the same field with three different staff members. The next thing you know there’s a bunch of little league baseball players going to battle against a family reunion with you playing referee.

Rec centers should be the center of independent activity in a community, but these kinds of mistakes make it cumbersome, unprofessional, and not up to the community’s expectations.

Thankfully, it’s not that hard (or expensive) to set your staff up to dodge these mistakes. All you need to do is streamline and automate a few crucial workflows:

Facilities reservation

A quality workflow automation tool will let you create a form that you can host on your website. Anyone in the community who wants to reserve a venue or field can fill out the online form and initiate a workflow that would instantly go through the appropriate channels. You can also set up these approvals to happen via a mobile app which means instant confirmation for people who book online.

Event scheduling

Let’s say a political candidate is considering using your rec center to speak to the community. Due to the high-profile nature of the speech, only the managers of the rec center are aware of this request. With a standardized approval workflow, you can prevent employees who are not in the know from accidentally scheduling a Bridge Club Tournament in the same venue.

Event registration

There are a number of steps involved in opening an event for sign up: describing the event, determining the venue, calculating maximum attendance, etc. Asking employees to find different managers to sign off on each of these steps is terribly inefficient and someone will end up dropping the ball. But by automating the registration workflow, approval requests get sent to the right people instantly with all the required information and can be added to the community calendar instantly.

Equipment repair

As more and more people use your rec center, your equipment will undergo its fair share of wear and tear. So anytime a basketball is out of air, or a tennis racket needs new strings, you need to take care of it quickly to minimize repair costs and keep your customers happy. With just a simple automated workflow, any employee can make a request to repair or replace equipment and keep your rec center running seamlessly.

With Kissflow, you can automate these important workflows thereby eliminating careless mistakes and ensuring that each facility is maximally used. Most importantly, your employees, freed of process hassles, will step up to the plate and knock their tasks out of the park. And with the extra time you’ll earn through automation, you can find new ways to make your community proud.

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