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Streamline Your Operations with Expert Business Process Solutions

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Updated on 21 Mar 2024 4 min read

As a founding member of his startup, Emilio has always been in charge of accounting and finance. But, he’s also taken on some HR roles like hiring. As the company grows, he finds himself stretched thin across his various duties. He’s getting frustrated and thinks about implementing business process solutions for some of his tasks – something that would not only automate the tasks and make them more efficient, but also save on costs as well.

But the whole world of automation is new to Emilio and many like him. Let’s take a close look at what this really means.

What Are Business Process Solutions?

Business process solutions are strategies that help improve operational efficiency and organizational priorities. Since the corporate culture from one company differs from place to place, not all business process solutions are a perfect fit. Companies that offer business process management solutions have to ensure that each client they take on get a customized and tailored solution that is in tune with their requirements and organizational goals.

In addition, business process management solutions also involves a lot of process automation. When applied to areas like finances and accounting or hiring, this enables teams to identify the current tasks done manually by a human that can be automated to a system. This automation can speed up processes, increase efficiency, and reduce human error.

This is just a small part of the much broader world of Business process management. In 2004, Gartner found out that 95% of all projects that were undertaken with BPM implementation[1] were successful. This is a huge difference to the 25% success rate that was achieved for general IT and enterprise resource planning projects without BPM. So, you can see the difference that BPM and other branches, such as business process solutions has on marking the success of a process.

Business process solutions also offer other services, such as management improvement, to see if management is actually doing a good job of maintaining and motivating staff. Top BPM solutions ensure that staff are working optimally, and if they’re not, provide solutions on how best to maximise their productivity.

How Does Business Process Solutions Help Your Business?

When you start off small, it makes sense to have limited staff, since you don’t want to stretch your financial resources too thin. As you begin to expand and grow, you generally add people to your team to accommodate for the extra work.

However, rather than blindly adding people to your team, when you think about your work in terms of business process solutions, you can see how you are creating an infrastructure that you can build on and scale.

Business process solutions ensures that you have experts in the field guiding you on how best to utilise your resources and building the right team of software and people. This means that you won’t be rummaging around in the dark trying to look for a solution that does or doesn’t work.

For example, take hiring. You want the most qualified people for your operations, but that means that you’ll need to spend a lot of time searching for them and training them. Business process management solutions ensure that you’re not doing the heavy lifting in these places, and instead building a team of humans and machines that can get you what you need.

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Business Process Solutions Examples

Here are a few BPM examples of how some common departments can incorporate business process solutions.

1. Accounting

Managing accounts is a challenging task for any business. Recording each transaction and preparing financial reports not only takes skill, but a lot of staffing. If you aren’t currently employing solutions like Kissflow, then you understand how difficult it is to do all of them manually. That’s why you should look at business process solutions and find an experienced company who can help you through the process of setting up and managing your own accounting operations.

2. IT

IT is one of the most difficult departments to run successfully, since everything has the potential to be random. Business process solutions can add a lot of value in streamlining the common processes and bringing in some stability. Whether it is handling service requests, or issuing assets, these predictable processes and be managed with business process solutions.

3. Tax Compliance

Taxes are a huge part of each and every organization. That’s why it makes sense to have people that are ready and trained to do the job. Business process solutions will give your staff the necessary tools to scale their work by automating the most common processes and creating automated forms and workflows to help the path.

Do You Really Need Business Process Solution?

With the many fires that Emilio needs to put out on a daily basis, he is tempted to think that business process solutions is something he can look at after he gets to a certain growth level. However, building the right systems and structure is even more important when you haven’t yet reached the level of being drowned in scale.

If you want to make the most of the resources that you have in your office, then it makes sense to use a business process management solutions provider. The top BPM solutions providers not only help you maximise your efficiency, but they can also help you chart out a business plan for years into the future that can secure your growth. A solid plan like this provides direction to your company.

In addition to this, they can also take care of menial tasks that aren’t a good fit for your workforce and are better done by machines.

Streamline Your Business Processes with Kissflow

With Kissflow's business process solutions, Emilio has a chance at giving his small office a chance to compete with bigger players, without having to take all of the risks that he otherwise would have to. He can take the expertise that more established companies have, and use that to his advantage. We’ve seen plenty of BPM examples, but management, with software like Kissflow Work Platform, when compounded with actual industry expertise, can help him achieve his business goals, without all the guesswork that would otherwise be involved.

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