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How BPM Technology Can Help you Beat your Nemesis

22.November.20211 min read

It’s easy to think of your competition as your business rivals, fighting it out in the same market space. But very rarely do we think about the chaos and inability to focus inside our own office as our true competition.

More often than not, the internal struggles of your office are a much bigger foe that we must fight against. They loom over you like a cloud of angry birds of prey, waiting to swoop down and torment you. Every day, they stand at your gates and try to break down the door to invade your office and create havoc everywhere.

You can be the superhero that saves the day in your office, but you are going to need some help. You need something like Tony Stark’s Jarvis to turn you into Iron Man. Tony is a genius, but he wouldn’t be able to defeat all the forces of evil around him without Jarvis helping him design and improve his suits. Not only that, Jarvis also takes care of aspects of Tony’s life that don’t require his active input.

One great tool that can be like Jarvis for you is BPM technology. BPM technology can give you the boost you need to tackle your greatest enemies that keep you from the work you really want to do.

Let’s look at those enemies and how BPM technology can be your secret weapon.

Enemy #1 – Scale

One fearsome enemy that many business teams face is scale. They can get one thing to work, but how do you replicate it 10x, or 100x? Scale is an enemy that businesses must tackle everyday, but no ordinary human can beat it on his or her own.

Tony Stark can build one Ironman suit, but it takes a long time and requires him to be in the lab constantly. Jarvis, with his automation capabilities, can build hundreds of suits in a relatively small amount of time. And, Jarvis can simultaneously be working at the lab and also with Tony fighting the bad guys.

That’s the same power that business process management technology can give you. It lets you automate your existing processes without needing human intervention at every turn. If you can create the process flow for one instance, BPM technology can scale it up as big as you want, all the while collecting data and being much more productive.

Enemy #2 – Chaos

The second enemy that haunts businesses all over the world is chaos. Chaos has many weapons – email approvals, misplaced forms, errors, communication gaps, office politics, and more. Chaos loves to get in and mess up your best plans, bringing them down to nothing.

Tony Stark’s own life is pretty chaotic. He uses Jarvis to make sure his most important tasks stay on track and are well planned. Jarvis can plan and execute each and every aspect of Tony’s life. The pressure of having to run multi-billion dollar industry, combined with having to fight aliens and improve his armor means that the details will get missed unless someone is there to pick them all up.

But that’s where BPM technology can help. It takes the chaos out of your daily routines, and lets you focus on the things that really help in growing your business.

In the real world, BPM technology takes the clutter out of your life by handling emails, calendar schedules, and more, and bringing them all under a single banner. This way, you aren’t shuffling through dozens of windows and apps to see what’s where. This is one of the many benefits of BPM that lets you focus on your work, not where it is and how to get to it.

Good BPM technology, like Kissflow, is not only focused on removing the chaos from your environment, but also helps you automate any work that doesn’t require the active intervention of you or your employees.

Enemy #3 – Distractions

Everyone has met the distraction monster at some time. Whether it is that juicy gossip email, a headline that leads down a clickhole, or a subtle call to check to see if the bagels are gone, distraction is extremely effective and can easily derail you.

With dozens of tasks on your plate, it’s natural to forget something. Even Tony forgets when his anniversary with Pepper is. That’s where Jarvis comes in to remind him. Not only that, but Jarvis also helps him pick out a gift for the date without even needing active intervention. Although it is an important task, it’s not something that directly helps with Tony’s task of saving the world on a daily basis.

Business process management technology is there to enable, not hinder you. If the task needs to be done, but doesn’t provide to the growth of the business in any way, then it makes sense to have it automated.

BPM technology can pull all of your most pressing process tasks into a single dashboard so that you can focus on your primary work without having to worry about incoming emails, text messages, and other easy distractions.

Distractions often lead to delays and errors and BPM technology can help you snuff these out too. Once you’ve set the system to work as and how you want it, then it’ll keep doing that task for as long as you need it.


You’ve got a lot of enemies to fight, and business process management technology is there to be your secret weapon. Like Jarvis, it can help you schedule and automate the tasks you aren’t able to tackle. Whether you are fighting scale, chaos, distractions, or just saving New York City from alien threats, BPM technology can give you the edge you are looking for. Try Kissflow Process today, and see all the benefits of BPM technology can be for you!

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